VIDEO: Joe Andrew on switching to Obama

Keith Olbermann interviews former DNC Chairman Joe Andrews, who switched endorsements today from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama.

Andrews also discusses the Clinton Campaign's bizarre assertion that he is somehow "not from Indiana," made by both Howard Wolfson and Evan Bayh.

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Words Have Consequences

Like a lot of you, I read Keith Olbermann's call for violence against Hillary with disgust and anger.  My first thought was that this a-hole's gone too far with this one - he needs firing and he needs it now.

Here it is again in case you missed it...

"Yeah, somebody who can take her into a room and only he comes out."

Thankfully, a couple fellow Hillary-supporters have expressed similar disgust and anger over those comments.  Calling out KO has pretty much been covered, though I may veer off in that direction a bit tonight.  But what's still got me pissed off are some of the comments by other supposed Democrats in response to those diaries.  Some of them were just as vile if not more so than Olbermann's slime-fest last night.

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Olbermann's "Solution" - Take Hillary in a Room and...

Well, Keith Olbermann is getting frustrated. He huffed and puffed and special commented - and nothing. Hillary just kept on campaigning. She came on his show and had her way with him. Then, she beat his network's anointed candidate, Barack Obama, by 10 points in Pennsylvania. Oh, it was ugly.

So what's a commentator to do? Well, Keith has given up on the political process entirely as a way of ending Hillary's candidacy, and has proposed a new approach during his on-air discussion with Howard Fineman. Have a look.

Here's the quote:

"Yeah, somebody who can take her into a room and only he comes out."

Delilah Boyd is a little pissed:

Under what possible circumstances is Keith Olbermann not calling for Clinton to be taken out... physically?

Metaphor, my ass.

If 2 white guys suggested that "somebody" take Obama into a room and Obama doesn't come out, how would that sound to you?

If it sounds, outrageous to say such a thing about Obama than it is to say it about Clinton, then you need to take a long look at your personal beliefs about human rights.

Getting frustrated, Keith? Well, be careful. The underlying beliefs behind your opposition to Hillary's campaign are starting to peek out. And they're not pretty.

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``Liberal'' Olbermann calls for Clinton assassination

The darling of the Kossacks and the Obama fans, that Keith Olbermann, stepped all bounds of political decency and fairness
and literally called for the assassination of Senator Clinton- 08

And that other ``liberal'' mediaperson Howard Fineman agreed with him.

It is time for all progressives to stand up and ask for Keith's resignation at NBC's website. Afterall, some progressives got angry just because ABC moderators asked some tough and (maybe) unfair questions, but really assassination belongs to dictatorships! If so-called liberal bloggers (Kos, ObamaPost,  Marshall) have any love for democracy then they are also welcome to join us in this protest.

I also have a question for the lawyers out there- I am not a lawyer, but isn't suggesting assassination of a presidential nominee  a felony.

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Keith Olbermann's Head Explodes

I have to say I was amused to hear Keith Olbermann announce with child-like glee at 8:01pm that the race was too close to call and how that had to make the Clinton campaign nervous. The subtext of his enthusiasm was clearly shadenfreude that Hillary Clinton was going to underperform expectations. I thought to myself: where the hell has he been? Time after time exit polls overestimate Barack Obama's performance, not to mention that on election nights past, namely Feb 5th and March 4th, neither California nor Ohio, solid Clinton wins both, was called for her right away either. And sure enough, 93% in and she's still up by the magic 10%.

Then just a few minutes ago, Keith asked an uncomfortable Tom Brokaw whether it is wise for Hillary Clinton to be Bush to Obama's Gore in Bush v. Gore.


Seriously, at what point are these guys going to start holding their own candidate accountable for why this thing is still going on instead of complaining that Hillary is competing in contests that she is winning.

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