Rachel Maddow in for Keith Olbermann

Watch. She's not "Obama-biased" like Keith Olbermann. And she's awesome.

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I hope you watched

Keith Olbermann's special comment.

It was spectacular; absolutely the most amazing Special Comment yet.

If not, please catch it. He doesn't mention Senator Clinton or Obama; it's entirely about President Bush and as usual, the stuff in terms of good commentary.

Part of the transcript.

"Mr. President," he was asked, "you haven't been golfing in recent years. Is that related to Iraq?

"Yes," began perhaps the most startling reply of this nightmarish blight on our lives as Americans -- on our history.

"It really is. I don't want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the Commander-in-Chief playing golf. I feel I owe it to the families to be as -- to be in solidarity as best as I can with them. And I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal."

Golf, Sir?

Golf sends the wrong signal to the grieving families of our men and women butchered in Iraq?

Do you think these families, Mr. Bush - their lives blighted forever -- care about you playing golf?

Do you think, Sir, they care about you?

You, Mr. Bush, let their sons and daughters be killed.

Sir, to show your solidarity with them - you gave up golf?

Sir, to show your solidarity with them - you didn't give up your pursuit of this insurance-scam, profiteering, morally and financially bankrupting war.

Sir, to show your solidarity with them - you didn't even give up talking about Iraq - a subject about which you have incessantly proved without pause or backwards glance, that you may literally be the least informed person in the world?

Sir, to show your solidarity with them, you didn't give up... your

4,000 dead Americans and your response... was to stop playing golf!


Not "gulf" - golf.

Update [2008-5-14 21:40:43 by Lord Hadrian]: Now added is a video above.

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Special Comment

UPDATE: The Special Comment will discuss George W. Bush's recent mention of giving up golf for the American War. Titled "Of Golf and War".

I know he's not popular around here anymore but I still believe despite the Obama-support he gives, Keith Olbermann is the only person on our side who consistently attacks the right wing over the hypocrisies and he's the only person who consistently points out how John McCain is getting away with murder by the media he's in bed with.

He's comical; he's a pundit but I think without him, a lot of us from 2005 to 2007 would've gone insane looking for anyone in the media to do what the media was supposed to do: report the facts and not sugar coat how this administration ranks up there with Grant's in terms of corruption.

Tonight Keith Olbermann will have a special comment; of all the things Keith Olbermann excels at he is especially good at his special comments, where both passion and great thought meld together to form an ass-kicking almost every Democrat has enjoyed over the years.

I hope you'll tune in or DDR or tivo it. I'm sure it will be as good as the others (with the exception of the Clinton one, which many did not like and understandably so).

Information Of Golf and War

Update [2008-5-14 19:8:7 by Lord Hadrian]:"Of Golf and War" - tune in!

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Chris Matthews' Clingy Tingly For Obama Nearly "Official" + Olbermann's Blatant Sexism

Turns out that Chris Matthews' leg-tingling* that he discussed recently on MSNBC's Hardball -- aired on a network so blatantly pro-Obama that we all call it MSNBO these days -- is not due to restless leg syndrome.  It's a far more serious mental obsessive-compulsive condition that has disabled his ability to be neutral when discussing Obama.  Numerous reports confirm this exchange before a Harvard Crimson audience:

Praising Barack Obama throughout his speech, Matthews said the Illinois Democrat is a symbol of the positive change that he believe the country needs. [...]

When asked by another audience member how he would respond to the claim that MSNBC officially supports Obama, Matthews responded with typical Hardball wit, "Well, it's not official."

So it's "not official." But it's sure clear as day to all of us who used to watch MSNBC (except for Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan, of whom we've all become very fond for his sharp, objective insights and encyclopedic knowledge of political history).  

And you can take it to the bank, as they say, that MSNBO will not cover the Indiana illegal polling place activity today by Obama supporters, or the North Carolina Obama field coordinator urging his volunteers to call in sick and lie to their bosses.

Only the stories that help their "Chosen One" will be covered. And when Hillary must be mentioned, she is described, for example, by Andrea Mitchell as looking "wistful"this morning.

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Speaking of moving the goal posts...

Last night, I posted a clip of Olbermann's Countdown on YouTube in which he predicted that the Clinton camp would be moving the goalposts for her victory again today.  It was primo Olbermann.

And, like clockwork, his prediction has come true.  I saw this Washington Times article this morning, and had to double-check to make sure I wasn't reading "The Onion":

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