At the opening of the Clinton Campaign Headquarters in Kansas City

Blue Girl and I attended this event in Kansas City yesterday. It was posted at Show Me Progress - we collaborated on the content, though all of the crappy writing is solely my fault.

Saturday after noon the Hillary Clinton campaign headquarters held a grand opening in Kansas City.  The doors opened at 10:00 a.m. and volunteers started phone banking, then at 2:30 a group of local and state elected officials who are endorsing Senator Clinton in her bid for the White House spoke to the standing-room-only crowd.

The headquarters is located at 7442 Holmes, on the northeast corner of 75th and Holmes, across the street from the northeast corner of Tower Park.  The office space is being donated by local businessman, developer, community re-investor and Democratic fundraiser Nick Abnos, owner of the Abdiana Futon chain.  

I arrived at the headquarters at about 2:00, with the local politicians who have endorsed scheduled to address the crowd at 2:30.  State Representative Rachel Storch, State Senator Jolie Justus, Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders, and United States Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver.  They were great speakers one and all - well-spoken, articulate in their expression of why they are supporting Senator Clinton - but Congressman Cleaver spoke last, and that man can move a mountain with his oratorical skills.

He had a lot of things to say, and much of it quotable - but I am sharing this post with fellow  SMP blogger Michael Bersin, so I will just relay  one of them before I turn it over to him below the fold...speaking about the Republicans and the concern-trolling of certain factions of the Democratic Party - "We are all Democrats.  We can't let them separate us." 

Amen, Mayor (Congress is only national) you got that right.

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Justus for Missouri Campaign Update

Justus's challengers suffer bad reviews after candidate forum

Is Jason Klumb "the most obnoxious candidate in Missouri?" One Kansas City journalist who covered the recent candidates' forum in the Historic Northeast opined that Klumb is "in the running" for that title.

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Help get a Progressive in the MO State Senate

Below the fold is the latest appeal from the Jolie Justus for Missouri State Senate campaign. Jolie is the only true progressive in this race and the Democratic primary is August 8. We could use any help - financial or otherwise - that you can throw our way. If you're in the Kansas City area, we're definitely looking for volunteers to canvass and phone bank.

Kansas City Star's summary of primary race

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