John McCain Raises $22 Million in June

Another decent fundraising month for McCain.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain raised more than $22 million in June, his best fundraising performance of the year, and ended the month with nearly $27 million cash on hand.

That's nothing compared to what the Democrats routinely raised, of course, but the RNC's fundraising is actually putting McCain in fairly decent shape:

The Republican National Committee, which has been raising money jointly with McCain, collected nearly $26 million in June and had nearly $69 million on hand, officials said.

Marc Ambinder breaks down the Republican hopes leading up to the election:

The McCain campaign is betting that, in the end, the combined cash on hand tallies of the Republican National Committee and the McCain campaign will be roughly equal. [...]

Between now and the election, the McCain campaign and the RNC expect to spend about $200 million to elect McCain.

Paired with this is some buzz that Obama's fundraising has not met expecations. Both Ambinder and Sam Stein are reporting Obama's fundraising may have slowed and Ambinder even calls his decision to opt out of public funding a "gamble" and calculates that Obama would have to raise $75 a month to gain enough of an advantage to put McCain on defense in red states in any serious way. I suspect that Ambinder is being a little alarmist here and I look forward to seeing the Obama campaign and the DNC's combined numbers for June, but it probably doesn't hurt to dial back the expectation that we're going to necessarily rout McCain in fundraising leading up to the election.

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"Republicans are Running Scared"

Check out this editorial from the North County Times about Dick Cheney's visit to California District 50 and the upcoming June 6th special election. Visit and for more information.
When Dick Cheney came to town

By: JOHN VAN DOORN - Staff Writer

Imagine that: Vice President Dick Cheney came to town to (1) endorse Brian Bilbray, and (2) to say that the eyes of the nation were on the 50th Congressional District, which is where Bilbray is running.

This was news. Voters in the 50th, much of which lies in North County, cannot be expected to check the eyes of the nation, not without years of ophthalmological instruction. If the vice president can, and did, more power to him. All those eyes. We'd best stand up straight and try not to stammer.
Cheney was an especially big gun to visit San Diego for the purpose of endorsement, even if the significance of the race in the national scheme of things had been obvious for months. Cheney's timeline was a trifle askew: More eyes of the nation will be focused on the 50th during and after a vice president's visit than before.

More to the point: Republicans are running scared, even if very few will say it out loud. So Cheney's visit was no surprise.

The fall of the house of Cunningham is a very serious part of the fear. While in Congress as the representative for the 50th district, Randy Cunningham took bribes in cash, cars, houses, yachts and antiques to do what he could for defense contractors.

And went to jail, said to be the worst offender in the history of Congress, noted for offenders of every stripe.

There is fear elsewhere among Republicans because corruption on their side of the aisle in Washington has tainted others and engulfed a few, such as Tom DeLay. Almost certainly there are more storms to come ---- all sides agree on that, the Democrats gleefully ---- and this creates a certain edginess among politicians and their handlers.

(To be fair, or at least balanced, the Democrats have a few bad apples, too, but the scale seems less imposing. The Republicans for the moment have the market cornered.)

You throw in a deceitful war, the bumbles of Katrina, the grotesqueries of immigration policy, and the fatness of Fat Oil and you'd run scared, too.

Mind you, Bilbray is no prize. As a congressman once before, and as a lobbyist after that, he had certain connections in Washington and involvements with oil companies that appear, at least to his critics, unsavory.

Thus, Cheney came to town. Once an oil man himself, he spoke to the faithful about the campaign in the 50th District, and said the nation needs Brian Bilbray. Cheney also spoke to military groups and raced about the region doing what he could for George and country.

The 50th race has been ugly, at least in terms of television advertising. The assaults by the Republican machine in Washington on the Democratic aspirant, Francine Busby, have ranged in tone from vicious to scurrilous, with several stops in between.

Busby's people have gone negative, as well, but they say they're only defending their candidate.

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