One of the most telling things about this morning's Alito testimony was his bizarre detachment in talking about the strip search of a 10 year old girl. As I'm sure you know by now, he defended this warrantless strip search in a dissenting opinion in Doe v. Groody.

Try to set aside the potential merit (or lack thereof) in defending a warrantless strip search of a 10 year old girl and the fact that it seemingly ignores the Fourth Amendment. Instead, take note of the fact that it didn't seem to phase him that he's talking about a strip search of a 10 year old girl. It was downright creepy. When Senator Leahy asked him whether or not he had reconsidered his opinion in the case. Alito answered, "I haven't had occasion to think that what I said in that case was correct."

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Alito is Not Qualified

Here is a link to the PDF document from the National Association of Women lawyers that evaluates Alito as "unqualified." Originally, Republicans had planned on calling the President of this orgnaizaiton to testify on behalf on Alito. I wonder if they will still do so now.

Also, Alito is a liar. The whole business about not being able to remember anything about joining the Conerned Alumni for Princeton is just a flat out out lie. If it isn't a lie, then I wonder why he put that he was a member of said organization on his CV in 1985. Even if we assume that he is telling the truth, his inability to remember why, or even if, he joined an organization makes him seem more than a little senile. Is someone with such a poor memory qualified to serve on the Supreme Court? I don't think so.

Guess Alito's Freeper User Name


The hearings are starting up again. If I were on the committee, the first question I would ask Alito is "do you post on right-wing online message boards, such as Free Republic?"

I bet he does. He certainly fits the profile:

  • Right wing extremist
  • Lives in a blue state
  • Well to do professional
  • Quiet
  • Kinda nerdy
  • Uncomfortable talking in public
I wonder what his freeper user name is. I'll send the person who comes up with the best guess $20 via pay pal.

Update: Needlenose has an awkward, freeper-esque picture of Alito up.

First Alito Round-up

Juan Cole is brilliant: When the US overthrew the Taliban and installed the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan, the Bush administration implied that everything had changed.

What few observers seem to have noticed is that Hamid Karzai immediately appointed as Afghanistan's chief justice, Fazal Hadi Shinwari, whose philosophy of life was little different from that of the Taliban!

One can only imagine that Bush, who kept thousands of troops in the country and oversaw the evolution of the Afghanistan government, had no objections to the man's judicial philosophy.

I'm not really going to blog about policy, but Joseph Hughes has a great run down of what is at stake in these hearings.

Will Bunch wants Alito to explain which family friend "bequesthed" him $161K in Exxon-Mobil stock.

Blog for Choice is a really great project that you should check out.

If you have a blog post on Alito that you would like me to link to, just send me an email at

Update: speculates on Bush's strange comments in favor of Alito today.

Christie Whitman IS a Lobbyist

Apparently Christie's firm is a registered lobbyist. Oh Christie, we thought you were just supporting Alito cause he's a nice guy.


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