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I have created a new section on MyDD, simply titled John Roberts. Although my posting will be spotty this weekend as I try to reclaim something of a life outside of work, starting on Tuesday I will be blogging extensively on Roberts, live from Washington D.C. for People for the American Way.

I encourage all progressive bloggers to create a John Roberts section on their blogs or websites as well. Place anything you write about Roberts in those sections. The idea behind a John Roberts section is simple: dominate Google searches for John Roberts next week. With John Roberts in the URL of several hundred progressive blogs, we should be able to do just that. The more people who hear the progressive viewpoint on the hearings, the better.

I'll pop back in a couple of times before Tuesday. Scott will post more reguarly. This is an open thread.

Racism Evident in 1981 Roberts Memo

The other day, when it was confirmed that Roberts was indeed a member of the Federalist Society despite his claims to the contrary, I finally decided that the Democrats need to make a serious effort to stop him. Up until then, my feeling had been that Roberts was bad, but that he would be confirmed. Unfortunate, but unavoidable.

And now there's this, from the New York Times:

In December 1981, the United States Commission on Civil Rights issued a report broadly defending affirmative action as a way to combat pervasive discrimination. Judge Roberts wrote a blistering critique, saying the "obvious reason" affirmative action programs had failed was that they "required the recruiting of inadequately prepared candidates."

Just to be clear, it was Roberts' opinion that it was "obvious" that the minorities recruited under affirmative action policies were, by definition, "inadequately prepared candidates." In other words, it wasn't possible for minorities to be anything but"inadequately prepared."

This was not a position based on research or fact. This was not even a position based on an ideologically conservative reading of the Constitution. This was a position based on prejudice.

John Roberts is not fit to serve on the Supreme Court.


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