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Here are the three funniest political vids I've seen lately. Share your good links below the fold. Here's Jon Stewart taking on Keith Olbermann, and below the fold, a faux beer commerical urging liberals to get some Balls (my personal favorite, but a bit racy for above the fold) and Stephen Colbert naming Harold Ford as his Alpha Dog of the Week. 'Cause "Ford" stands for Flip Or Reverse positions Daily.

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Progressive Democrat Newsletter Issue 234

November 3rd is election day. PLEASE VOTE!!!! I highlight candidates in several states like Minnesota, Washington State, NYC, and Pennsylvania. I also highlight the elections in Texas, Virginia and New Jersey. Voter turn out will be low so PLEASE read up on these elections, make your choices and vote. I should note that many more places have elections than I have been able to cover, so even if I am not covering your local elections, please vote.

For other states I continue highlighting the same facts and figures on healthcare reform that I have for weeks. I want to keep these handy for everyone until we have a bill passed. Keep up the pressure!

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Rape, Shmape.

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On a recent trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo this week, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledged 17 million dollars in new funding to combat sexual violence. Sadly though that's not the story most of the media is covering.

Instead there has been intense focus on Clinton's snippy response to an apparently rude question from a Congolese student during a forum in Kinshasa:

"We've all heard about the Chinese contracts in this country -- the interferences from the World Bank against this contract. What does Mr. Clinton think, through the mouth of Mrs. Clinton, and what does Mr. Mutumbo think on this situation?"

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Cheney Actively Seeking Book Deal

"Cheney Actively Seeking Book Deal On Bush Years"

So that's why we're now seeing and hearing so much from a man who seemed to have lived under a rock for eight years, emerging occasionally to guide the President in a disastrous direction.

Or maybe he lived under a bridge. Jon Stewart tellingly called Cheney a troll. Just today, Gail Collins wisely advised us to pay no attention to the former Vice President until he undergoes therapy.

I must say that his speech scared me with his 27 references to 9-11 and warnings of the clear and present dangers that he sees.


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NBC Can't Take A Punch

This is a lame way to respond to criticism:

NEW YORK — Jeff Zucker, the chief executive of NBC Universal, called comedian Jon Stewart's attacks on business network CNBC "incredibly unfair."

At a media conference Wednesday in New York, Zucker said the "Daily Show" host's recent criticisms of CNBC, its "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer and business media in general were "completely out of line." ...

Zucker said while interviewed on a stage by BusinessWeek that while "everyone wants to find a scapegoat," to suggest that the business media or CNBC was responsible for the economic meltdown is "absurd."

Word to the wise, Mr. Zucker: if you're getting attacked by a comedian, pretend it's a joke. Taking Stewart seriously only legitimizes his criticism.

At least Zucker didn't fall into the trap many commentators did: he knows this isn't just about Cramer.

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