Diebold machines more hackable than we thought

(Hat tip to DocGonzo for his diary on DailyKos)

An article on Slashdot (a tech/news blog for geeks) written in their politics section by WhiteDragon gives a break down of the hackability of the machines. Here's what he says:

"The folks at Open Voting Foundation got their hands on a Diebold AccuVote TS touchscreen voting machine. They took it apart (pictures here), and found the most serious security flaw ever discovered in this machine. A single switch is all that is required to cause the machine to boot an unverified external flash instead of the builtin verified EEPROM."

So, what does all of this mean? Follow me below the fold.

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John Laesch On Protecting Your Vote

John Laesch, you know the guy who is going to defeat the Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert in November, just did a really gutsy thing and came out hard and fast on verified voting.

check it out here at JimiJam's diary on dkos, and don't forget to drop a few coins for John if you can.

John is running for the 14th District's Congressional seat against House Speaker Dennis Hastert. If you've been keeping up, the events I attend with John Laesch are almost always accompanied by a sweltering heat. I am hoping no one else in the campaign makes that connection though, as I enjoy covering events and seeing John speak. On July 24th we stood outside the Jack T. Knuepfer Administration Building in Wheaton, Illinois. This is where the DuPage County Board of Elections has their offices.

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Bush starts Smoke and Mirror tour in Illinois

Tonight I wanted to post my "Why Fighting Dems can Win" piece, but George Bush decided to come to town.

With poll numbers still below 50%, the President has decided to step out of the White House and start listening to constituents.  Did I say constituents?  I meant other Republican candidates like Gubernatorial candidate, Judy Baar-Topinka (R-IL).

Bush's PR team is spinning into high gear and launched a "Smoke & Mirrors Tour." Lynn Sweet with the Chicago Sun Times writes a pretty good story.

Out here in Illinois' second largest city, Aurora, I decided to hold a "Democratic Response to President Bush's Smoke & Mirror Tour" outside of Cabot Microelectronics Corp.

Photos and Podcast in diary...

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Chicago Tribune Trashes Hastert

(Crossposted from Daily Kos)

Denny's just not feeling the love from the Chicago Tribune these days. Recently they have been reporting on a Land Deal That netted 'Ole Hamhocks nearly $2 million in profit.

In fact, they even got in his face a bit, with an article subtitled Highway to Hastertland. But today, they just just flat out slammed him in a scathing editorial. Slammed him not just for the land deal, but for not putting a stop to Congressional Earmarks, as well.

Follow me below for a taste of the Tribune's brow beating:

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John Laesch for Congress (IL-14)

Have you had enough of the politician who is for everyone but the People? Ya know, those guys who are so well connected that when they sneeze a lobbyist is there to say "Bless you" and hand over a check? Well, in Illinois' 14th district a man from the middle class has decided to challenge the patronage of lobbyists and special interests in Washington.

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