AdWatch: Laesch Uses Reynolds' Words on Foley to Hammer Hastert

Fresh of off polling showing Speaker Denny Hastert barely cracking 50 percent in Illinois 14, Hastert's Democratic challenger John Laesch is going on the air with a powerful ad using the words of NRCC chairman Tom Reynolds to place blame on the Speaker for failing to act in the Mark Foley scandal.

The production quality isn't perfect, and it shouldn't be expected to be given the modest level of fundraising success achieved thus far by the Laesch campaign (though it should be noted that the flow of money has picked up in recent weeks, particularly through ActBlue). Yet the ad does make a strong argument -- using words from this ad from Reynolds -- that Hastert knew about Mark Foley but simply failed to act on it.

So while most Congress-watchers are still overlooking the race in Illinois 16, if Laesch is able to get this ad, and perhaps some others, on the air and keep it there from now until election day, polling on Hastert indicates that this might -- might -- be a race the Democrats can sneak away with come November 7.

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Let's take Hastert's seat!

Thanks to Ted T. for bringing this up at just the right time.

From: don.jones2@...

On behalf of congressional candidate JOHN LAESCH (but not from his political committee)

So, who is the candidate opposing Denny Hastert in Illinois's 14th congressional district? A U.S. Navy veteran, a labor union guy, a straight-shooter.  What more could we ask for?

Well....some financial support for his campaign would be nice  -:)

Here's where you go to take care of that:

Right now is when we can tie down Hastert so he can't travel around the country campaigning and raising money for other (R)'s.

Thanks for your support!

Posted by Carolyn Kay

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Fight the Foley Five:

Cross-posted from Daily Kos.

As we all know by now, Mark Foley (FL-16) was known by the GOP to be a sexual predator since at least 2001.
At least four other Republicans have been involved in covering up his predation: Denny Hastert, John Boehner, Tom Reynolds, and John Shimkus.

Wondering what you can do about it? Let's replace the whole lot.

House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children Chair Mark Foley, Republican, (FL-16) was known by the GOP to be a sexual predator since at least 2001.

Tim Mahoney, Democrat, is a rancher, family man, entrepeneur, and former Republican with ending Abramoff-style corruption as his number one issue.

Fight the Foley Five and support Tim Mahoney.

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Time For Hastert To Resign

(Via America Blog). This video from ABC News tonight is devastating. Among other things, it reveals that the Republican leadership knew about Foley for at least five years, and Hastert has now asked the FBI to investigate the Republican House leadership as a result:

This is just unbelievable. Among other things, there is simply no way that we lose FL-16 now. Everything is going wrong for Republicans. We were already in a position to win the elections last week, but now we have the NIE, Woodward's book, the new Abramoff information--this is amazing.

Returning to this issue--Hastert and other members of the Republican leadership let teenagers be exposed to this guy for five years. At the very least, they need to resign their leadership positions. They should strongly consider resigning from Congress altogether. Haster's opponent in this election is John Laesch.

Pragmatism is great, but what of the Giant Killers?

(note: I originally wrote this for dailykos, where I think the syndrome is most pronounced, but i'd love to see some feedback here too)

I'm a pragmatist, most definitely, I like to think of myself as a pragmatic progressive populist. I like to win, I think we need to. We also need to beware of making winning the only thing. For instance back in early 2004, I remember when we had the first blogosphere announcements of the kos dozen.The criteria that people voted on were varied and numerous, some people voted tactically, some based on analysis of poll results and previous trends, some based on strength of character. You name it.

Personally, I loved the entire process, and it's one of the things I lament the most about the change in "netroots endorsements", but I digress, perhaps part of it can be chalked up to things like redstates constant taunting and their increasingly "inventive" math to try to paint anything we do as unsuccessful, but it seems like pragmatism has been the watchword of the day, to the point that we (the blogosphere) have been ready to throw good candidates under the bus, or leave them at the bus stop at least.

However, what of the giant killers?
(much, much more behind the cut)

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