IL-14 Update: Perilous Times in Aurora Edition

Wednesday night, in Aurora, Illinois, at 46 W. Downer Place, the Laesch for Congress office officially opened.  We were pleased to see not just many "old hands" on deck, but a large contingent of new faces as well.  As you can imagine, this was a big event for us, most of the campaign staffers were on hand, John was there, Jen was there.  I meant to do a general update diary tonight, blog about our office opening, and invite you all to come down and visit us or call at (630) 801-8900, but something transpired here on DailyKos while we were distracted that we want to address.  

Planned Parenthood Under Attack
Being otherwise occupied Wednesday night, we weren't here to see this diary by Planned Parenthood until pretty late.  

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IL-14: Hastert is out - UPDATED (w/ Protesters)

Dennis Hastert announced this morning on a local radio show that he will not seek re-election:

The Beacon News says:

Ending months of speculation, former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert announced Friday that he will not run for a 12th term. He made the announcement on the Don Wade & Roma show on WLS 890 AM hours before an expected speech in his district.

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IL-14 Update: Who's in, who's out, with local straw poll results

While IL-14 Republicans are still awaiting word from Hastert as to whether he will be running again, the Dem field of candidates seems to have solidified.  Dem State Rep Linda Chapa LaVia recently announced she will not be running for the seat, leaving the field to 2006 nominee John Laesch, Geneva blue dog Bill Foster, and St. Charles attorney Jotham Stein.

As the Trib story notes, the three Republicans who have formed exploratory committees are hanging back, waiting for an announcement from Hastert which is expected some time this month.

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IL-14: Anti-breastfeeder runs for Hastert's seat

As the Laesch for Congress campaign readies for our visit to YearlyKos, we are keeping an eye on media reports about Hastert's plans to make an announcement in August, and the not-quite-announcements of several Republican candidates that are hanging in the balance.  Most recently we have heard from CQ Quarterly

that there is a

widespread belief that Hastert is much more likely to retire than to seek an 12th House term in 2008

On the other hand, local press quotes Hastert at a mid-July event:

"As far as I'm concerned right now, I'm running," Hastert said at the more than 500-person event at the Sandwich Fairgrounds. He said he plans to make a formal announcement next month on whether he will enter the 2008 race.

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Would you like to see these as law?

Joe Serra is, exactly what the Illinois 14th District and any district that is overwhelmingly Conservative, needs.  Joe Serra is a Moderate Democrat and he will attract the swing voters in the 14th without, whose votes, the race is lost.  Democrats must understand this.

Joe Serra will be discussing this extremely important issue throughout the campaign for Congress.  

Affirmative Action
 (1) Transitional support to finish college.  I've talked with
     many guys that could NOT find a job even though they have
     college degrees and are forced to take positions below
     their capabilities.  I'm rather angry that this sort of    
     thing is happening and want to add protections to our Vets.
     They deserve better.  I am not saying Veterans Affirmative  
     Action is the best choice if there is a better idea I will  
     gladly listen and would greatly appreciate alternatives.

    i) Joe Serra is in favor of a comprehensive plan to aid
        everybody, including Veterans, who seek gainful
        employment, to be employed.
     ii) Joe Serra will keep, soldiers returning from service,
         on their salary until they either find a job or finish
     iii) Joe Serra will Expand mental-health counseling for  
          all returning soldiers and their familyies, as well  
          as improve training for Iraq-bound soldiers on the    
          emotional hardships of combat.

I think this is great!  Don't you?

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