IL-14: Laesch Campaign Update

First off an announcement. I am the new blog team coordinator for the Laesch for Congress campaign.  Or should I say new-ish? That's right, I have my old job from the '06 cycle back. So, as my first duty, I am writing to give you all a general update on the Laesch campaign. Included in the update are a great article on John in the Sun-Times, plenty of new endorsements, and our big event for tonight.

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IL-14: Foster named front-runner (again)

repeating the conventional wisdom in the chicagoland area, chicago public radio called scientist bill foster the democratic front runner in it's preview of the upcoming special election in illinois' 14th congressional district.

this would be no surprise to those who are following this race closely.  the story repeats the belief that foster's organizational and financial advantages make him the front runner in this race.  this is true despite the fact that john laesch had run before and is a sentimental favorite, of sorts, to many on the blogs.  shawn campbell's piece talked mainly about the lawsuit that the counties have filed, to cover themselves in the high expectations that the various elections offices may not meet all the mandates they are expected to meet in their conduct of elections (because the special election is only a month away from the special primary).

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IL-14: Podunk,IL vs. the New Chicago Machine

Not long ago, I ran across this comment from a dedicated Foster volunteer and supporter:  

This will be unpopular... (0.00 / 0)
...but you know I'm going to say it anyway!
I am much more interested in what goes on in Northern IL than I am in what happens downstate. With work, I get more than my fill of politics in Springfield and the rest of the cornfields in IL.
I just really don't care what is happening in politics in Podunk, IL unless it's really sexy and scandalous. Otherwise, I am bored.  (emphasis added)

by: bridgetdooley @ Thu Dec 06, 2007 at 22:18:39 PM CST

As anyone who lives in Illinois knows, anything not in the City or collar counties is routinely considered "downstate" (aka "Podunk" to Ms. Dooley) even if it's north of Chicago.  The distinction here, if you are local, is that Kane and (parts of) Kendall, being collar counties, are typically considered part of the greater Chicagoland region, while everything west of the urbanized strip on the far east of IL-14 really qualifies as "downstate." 

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IL-14 Roundup #2

like il-03, there are new endorsements that have been announced since the first post. john laesch has gotten the
afl-cio endorsement [PDF], the endorsement of pdachicago, and the endorsement of the western regional council of the united electrical, radio & machine workers of america.

bill foster has increased his growing list of endorsements with endorsements by senator durbin, afscme state council 31, planned parenthood, seiu as well as 22 nobel prize winners and a growing list of voters.

jotham stein got the endorsement of harry katz, dean of cornell university's school of industrial and labor relations, which i failed to mentioned before.

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Omnibus Gives Bush a Blank Check for War at the Expense of Science

Many of the Fermilab community who volunteer for John Laesch for Congress contacted our office On Tuesday, Dec. 18, to alert us of the devastating cuts to high energy physics that came in the House Omnibus Appropriations bill that was passed on Monday, Dec. 17, 2007.

They were rightly concerned because the bill slashes $90 million in funding for High Energy Physicis projects, including $62 million at Fermi National Laboratory (located in IL-14). You can get details by reading Fermilab's internal newsletter, Fermilab Today.

The $555 billion bill gives George Bush another blank check worth $70 Billion to continue the occupation of Iraq.  Sadly, there was no accountability or a specific timetable attached to the additional Iraq occupation funding.

I guess lawmakers will be returning to their districts this Christmas break with lots of pork while our soldiers serving in Iraq are enjoying sand and MRE's.  

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