Obligation to Vote McCain?

Reading Michael Crowley's Mark Salter profile in TNR, you wonder how real McCainiacs can really keep a straight face while arguing that the Obama campaign is the one driven by a cult of personality built around a narcissist who feels he's owed the presidency.  Salter is apparently livid that Obama has stolen McCain's themes of having matured out of a colorful childhood and been bettered by patriotism and commitment to public service.  Did Mark Salter make it through his top perch in John McCain's 2000 campaign without ever listening to a George W. Bush speech?  Salter even jokes

"I often regret that we didn't copyright 'serving a cause greater than your self-interest,'" he cracks.

And Barack Obama is supposed to have an arrogance problem?

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Anatomy of a Smear 2.0: Flip Flopper

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I took the title from this piece - which dissected the "Obama is a Muslim" smear.

Today I find myself writing a diary that I should not have to write - defending a candidate that I should not have to defend against a claim that people here should be loath to repeat. This is hardly the first time a Democratic nominee has been misrepresented, lied about, smeared, slammed, etc. on a liberal blog. I'm sure it won't be the last.

Those of us who were here 4 years ago most likely remember SYFPH very well. SYFPH was born as a result of the MANY Democrats here on DKos (and elsewhere) who felt that Kerry would win no matter what, or that he'd lose and then we should all jump off bridges and move to New Zealand, or who felt that a vote for Nader was better than a vote for kerry - because Kerry was WRONG about the war in Iraq...the Republicans were right, he was a flip-flopper, etc.

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DEMOCRATS !!! Don't Back Down !!!

Every time the Democrats draw blood , John Mc Cains BBQ Picnic Pals in the Media  try to come to his rescue and start telling Democrats what is fair and not fair. However, when Democrats are attacked by Republicans , Mc Cains BBQ Picnic Pals in the Media always say it's fair game to attack Barack Obama and Democrats. Remember: It was fair to question John Kerry s Military record in 2004 wasn't it ?

The Republicans are throwing a fit and crying "Where's The New Politics ?" because Democrats are rightfully charging (via GENERAL Wes Clark) that Mc Cain does not have the qualifications to be CIC because he led no mission and never sent anyone to battle.It's true. And Mc Cains BBQ Picnic Pals are all fussy and "such as" , because we are ruining their only good story for John Mc Cain. "He deserves to win the White House because he's a War Hero." Well, this ain't a game with prizes!

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Kerry on Malaysia (and Ogonowski fails to make the ballot)

Here's a good way to start the day, Senator John Kerry (whom I've consulted for), lost his main opponent yesterday, when Ogonowski failed to qualify for GOP ballot. Ogonowski missed the 10K mark by 300 votes, so a little known "security specialist" named Jeff Beatty will be the Republican nominee.

I'm heading out to today, and will be attending a conference for a few days that has representatives from both the West and the Muslim countries (religious, business leaders, and a few bloggers) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I just looked at the itinerary and its 22 hours of flight time. I've been there once before, for a couple of days on the way to India. I recall it getting increasingly hot as the day went on, and how orderly everything seemed for an inner city of KL's size.

I blogged this over on Malaysia Matters, about John Kerry yesterday on the Senate floor addressing what's happening in Malaysia right now with the political situation. And also including a editorial by Stuart E. Eizenstat on the titanic conflict within the Muslim world pitting modernity against reactionary radicalism, and the political implications for what happens in Malaysia.  

When I recently went to Israel for a week a couple of months ago, I took a break from blogging about it until I got home (which just led to a lot of huge thoughts that were difficult to make the time to post upon), but I'll try with this trip to make more frequent posts from abroad.

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Now, MSNBC goes after Obama

And so it begins.  MSNBC, affiliate of NBC, subsidiary of GE, one of the cornerstones of the military industrial complex, and one of the nation's largest military contractors, convenes its Wednesday morning 8 am political panel, Mika, Joe, Chris and Pat.

Chris Matthews, done with beating up Hillary (for now), starts on Obama:  Obama's "love of country" is "conditional", a "transaction" based upon "what it's done for him".  Obama doesn't "get" the "patriotism of the working class" Obama's church affiliation and later disaffiliation were purely "cynical" and "political".  Obama appeals to the "upper end" and "the poor" but can't relate to "the middle""the working class""the guy who's proud to be an American".  They see "no evidence of his ability to connect with the average man" as opposed to Obama's "exotic life style".

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