Kerry Donates $1 Million to DSCC

Two years ago at around this time, I logged onto Daily Kos and harshly criticized John Kerry for what I thought was a lack of financial support for our efforts to win the U.S. Senate. He was sitting on a ton of money left over from the presdiential campaign (which is clearly should have spent then) and did not face anything approaching a serious race in the future. Eventually he gave, but I was steamed. This year is apparanely different as The Hill is reporting that Kerry just donated $1 million of his funds to the DSCC.

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The Most Liberal Senator Ever?

     According to the Republicans, Senator Barack Obama is the most liberal Senator ever. As the Republican shrills made the talk show rounds the common theme was a familiar refrain. Senator___ (you fill in the blank with any Democratic nominee) is the most liberal Senator ever. I am not a believer in déjà vu, but I can't help but think I have heard this line before. Oh yeah now I remember; how about the last 20 years! It seems like whenever the Democrats nominate someone that person is immediately labeled the most liberal Governor, Senator, etc. ever.

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A few questions

Do you remember, it wasn't long ago, all those accusations about Barack Obama being a Muslim?  Do you recall all the rants from republicans and their supporters that Barack Obama's birth certificate is a forgery?

Do you recall how the republicans tarred and feathered John Kerry for mentioning that Mary Cheney was gay? They called him a "bad man" even though Mary Cheney was admittedly gay.

Do you recall how John Kerry, a true American hero, was swiftboated to death in that campaign? The republicans even went so far as to state that Kerry shot himself to get a purple heart? Do you remember the humiliating purple bandaids at the 2004 RNC convention?

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What If Kerry Had Picked Obama As VP in 2004?

If Sarah Palin is a dud, will conservatives lose one of their rising stars?

Conservative writer Ross Douthat publishes a reader comment that is quite insightful - what if John Kerry had picked Barack Obama as his vice presidential running mate in 2004?

By early summer 2004, Obama had just barely appeared on the national radar, but had already impressed Democratic activists and people in high places with his political skills. Put aside the feasibility of such a pick for a second (even though John McCain's is nearly as insane). Imagine Kerry, frustrated with his other options, makes a rash decision to tap the up and coming Senator as his running mate. A feeding frenzy in the press ensues. The Democratic base, and African Americans in particular, are thrilled about this young, charismatic African American politician plucked out of nowhere.

But would Obama have survived? In the pressure cooker of a fall presidential campaign, all of the vetting would have occured in a compressed time period. Rezko, Reverend Wright, and any controversial votes in Obama's record would have all surfaced, and been given breathless attention in the media, all in the space of just two months. In addition, Obama would have had to learn to cope with the pressures of a presidential campaign, vastly increased his knowledge of foreign policy, convinced the country he was ready to be president AND survived a debate against Dick Cheney, all while avoiding gaffes in the media.

It sounds like a crazy scenario, but that's close to the situation facing John McCain and Sarah Palin today. And you can almost bet that if it had happened, it's highly unlikely that Obama would be running for President today - because his credibility would have been severely damaged by being thrust into the spotlight too soon.

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Last Chance for Gas

Two people you wouldn't expect, David Gergen and Nate Silver, making the late case for Clinton as the game-changer Obama needs (Gergen also mentions Gore). They are both right but, what Obama has been personally told by Tom Daschle is to pick someone whom is an ally, someone whom he already trusts, on his side from the get-go - and not have to build it with the VP choice going forward. No offense to David & Nate, but I think Obama's listening to Tom on his VP choice.

Other than Clinton or Gore, there is one other game-changer out there: John Kerry. I know that will raise the ire of many among us, but not myself. If JK is picked, I'll delve more into it, but suffice to point to a HuffPost on the topic by M.S. Bellows, Jr. and Mayhill Fowler.

Kerry's a better choice than Tom Daschle, and a better choice than Biden, Kaine, or Bayh. OK, I've convinced myself, and now officially abandon Daschle with my VP prediction moving to Kerry. Look, if Obama's not going to choose Clinton (all signs point toward that being the case), and Gore is unavailable, then given the late date, it seems likely to be someone that's very well known and ready to go, which is a description of very few Democrats, one of which is Kerry.

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