Kill The So Called Stimulus Bill. We Need Big Ideas.

Scrap the so called stimulus bill and start over.

Go back to the big ideas.  Instead of a million little items, many of which do ZERO to stimulate anything or anybody, go back to a core group of big ideas that will not only create jobs and stimulate the economy but pay dividends in the future.  

Think of all the great ideas proposed not only by Obama, but in the last race by John Kerry, and some of the other challengers.   There were a lot of big ideas floated.  Ideas that were great, although at the time you had to know the willingness to fund them would probably never come.

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Poor John Kerry!

He wanted to be Bill Clinton's vice president in '92. Bill didn't want him.

He wanted to be Al Gore's vice president in 2000. Al didn't want him.

He wanted to be president in '04. America didn't want him.

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Just say 'No' to . . . Kerry as Secretary of State

Obama owes Kerry. After New Hampshire, the momentum could have switched. The story could have been, "flash in the Iowa pan, South Carolina means nothing, Hillary wins the bigs". But, within days, the 2004 nominee endorsed the insurgent. And gave him his mailing list. His contact list. His donor list. His nationwide 'machine'.

Obama owes Kerry big. If Hillary was going to stop Obama, that was when she was going to. Kerry stopped her for Obama.

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Presidential elections of my life

A conservative blogger I know started a meme examining the milestones of her life in relation to the presidential elections.

I picked up the meme, with a bit of a different focus (her blog is mostly about her Christian faith).

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Nominating John Kerry A Big Mistake

Cross-posted at the Francis L. Holland Blog.

There has been some terribly unfortunate talk lately of President-elect Obama nominating Senator John Kerry for Secretary of State. To see why this would be so inappropriate, we have to consider what the Secretary of State will actually be required to do, in the context of two ongoing wars as well as ongoing covert interventions in Iran and Pakistan.

As Obama seeks to end the Iraq War and get Afghanistan under control, he needs a very effective and credible communicator who can explain his policies to the American public and convince us - across the political spectrum - to support his policies. He needs a change agent in Iraq.

Kerry's doesn't represent change; instead, like John McCain, Kerry is a reminder of the generational political battles about Vietnam that Obama promised to leave in the past. Unlike the wisdom shown by Obama in the leadup to the Iraq War, Kerry supported the war before he opposed the it, showing that he really hadn't learned the lessons of Vietnam, even though he fought there. Kerry made some fatal mistakes in his approach to issues of war and peace that even he acknowledges. And those mistakes preclude him from being an effective spokesman for President-elect Obama. I have disccussed this with blogger African American Political Pundit and he agrees with my assessment. (See comments.)

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