NV-Sen: Watch Sen. Mary Landrieu go after John Ensign

Yesterday, Senator John Ensign demonstrated once again that he's nothing more than the Bush administration's echo-chamber. Well, his rantings didn't go unanswered, as Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana hit right back (hat-tip to DownWithTyranny!).

You can watch the video at YouTube.

Here's the official transcript as part of the Senate record:

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NV-Sen - Jack Carter vs. John Ensign on Iraq

(Cross-posted at Daily Kos and Booman Tribune)

Hi, everyone.  As many of you know, my Dad is Jack Carter, who's running for US Senate in Nevada.  I hope you all had a good Labor Day.  We had a big weekend for two reasons: 1) my Dad's first grandchild was born on Saturday to my brother Jason and his wife Kate; and 2) it marked the official beginning of the campaign season.  Henry's birth has given us a little extra motivation as we head into the final two months of this campaign, and we're pretty excited.  

The campaign is in great shape, but we're going to need your help (you can contribute money here).

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New NV poll: Dina Titus leads in Gov, Jack Carter within MoE!

A couple of weeks ago there was a Rasmussen poll which had Jack Carter withing the margin of error against John Ensign (39-46). There were a lot of people who decried this poll as an "outlier" saying you can't trust Rasmussen polls and watch out for other polls before you believe this race is winnable. These people felt vindicated when a Mason Dixon poll came out which had Carter 20 points down (33-54).

Well, it seems the Mason Dixon poll is the outlier. A new Zogby Interactive poll published by the Wall Street Journal which was released today has Jack Carter within the margin of error as well. And the numbers here are even better than in the Rasmussen poll. Zogby has Jack Carter at 44.7% and Ensign at 48.1%. Jack Carter now is only 3.3 percentage points behind Ensign!

But there is even better news. Zogby also has Democrat Dina Titus leading Republican Jim Gibbons for the very first time in the gubernatorial contest: 46.8% - 44.1%!

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NV-Sen - Carter with Wes Clark, One Great Interview, and other Campaign Updates

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Hi, everyone.  As you know, my Dad is Jack Carter, who's running for US Senate in Nevada.  The campaign has really started to take off - we won the primary last week, and now we're definitely moving into the next phase of the campaign.  Here's what you'll get in this campaign update:

  • Joint appearance with Wes Clark
  • Interview with Reno blogger, Myrna the Minx
  • The next phase of the campaign - we need your help!

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2006: Darfur as a swing issue? An analysis of the Darfur scorecard

We want Democrats to win. And we want to stop genocide in Darfur.

Can we do both at the same time?

Actually, yes. Voters consistently say that Darfur should be a priority. And a recent scorecard on Darfur showed Democrats leading the way. Detailed analysis inside.

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