Quarterly Filing Open Thread

I have to retreat from the blogworld temporarily as I complete the Q2 filing for BlogPac. Oh, the joys of being a treasurer. How did I let Matt get off with being the President, which has a better title and less work involved? Anyway, it looks like we raised just about $11,700 this quarter. I was hoping for $15K, so we came close to our goals. In my absence, here is a round-up thread for you to chew on:
  • Bush administration to request another $110M for Iraq next year. Forget all of the nearly pointless resolutions, the fight over this funding will be the real debate over Iraq in Congress. Even though I have favored withdrawal since late 2003, my position on funding the occupation has changed. At first, I thought it was right to vote in favor of Iraq funding, because it would be wrong to leave our soldiers in Iraq without proper equipment and resources. However, I now believe that stopping the funding is the only way to end this disastrous occupation and bring our troops home. End the war by de-funding it, Democrats. Jack Murtha has a useful letter that compares the cost of war and the cost of various domestic programs.

  • Majority Leader John Boehner's issue page

  • Lieberman video at Crooks and Liars: It is time for Democrats who distrust President Bush to acknowledge that he will be Commander-in-Chief for three more critical years, and that in matters of war, we undermine Presidential credibility at our nation's peril. Lieberman's attitude toward Democratic criticism of the war seems identical to the attitude of his supporters when it comes to the will of the voters. In both cases, the sentiment is that we should all shut up, because he knows best.

  • Street Prophets interviews Obama. While it is true that my criticism of Obama last month was based not on something he actually said, but rather on something that the AP reporter wrote about him, it doesn't stop me from feeling used. As a union organizer for the IFT, I was one of the ground troops for Obama's campaign during the 2004 Illinois Senate primary, and his victory turned out to be the first electoral victory for a progressive movement candidate in the netroots era. It was a great, great moment, and using the new movement was critical to his success in that primary. Whether I am right or wrong in feeling this, it makes me feel as though he used us to get into office, and now he is Sista Soljuh-ing us through liberal strawmen to improve his national image. Frankly, I think he is running with the wrong people in DC, and he needs to remember that the progressive movement is his friend, not the New Republic.

  • I have regularly praised Mark Warner for making smart campaign moves, but I think this is a colossal mistake:Recalling a recent fundraiser for his political action committee, Warner said, "Somebody looked around and said 25 percent of the people in the room are Republicans."

    "That goes to the appeal we are trying to make," he said. "This country can't afford further polarization." Absent a large Democratic trifecta, any Democrat falling for what I have called The Equal Polarization Myth is going to have a very tough time governing like a progressive in Washington DC. IF your political opponents are the ones who have instigated an age of polarization through a base turnout strategy, strong right-wing ideological turns, and a complete departure from independents when it comes to public opinion, then you are making a grave mistake to be the person who does the reaching out in an attempt to end the polarization. Basically, Democrats have not moved to the left, while Republicans have moved to the right. Reaching out to people who have moved to the right validates moving to the right itself. If you do this, you will be forced into a box where you will have to govern as a conservative. And then they will try to illegally remove you from office anyway (see Clinton, Bill post-1994).
Well, I'm off to the fun world of FEC documents. I'll see you tomorrow.

GOP Will Let Corporations Poison Us Because They Are Weak & Corrupt

I wonder how many members of Congress have read Upton Sinclair's classic 1906 novel, THE JUNGLE. Every year THE WASHINGTONIAN has all the congressional staffers rate the members based on all kinds of attributes. It's generally acknowledged that the brainiest guys in the House are Barney Frank (D-MA) and retiring right-wing loon Bill Thomas (R-CA) and that the most egregiously stupid member is Katherine Harris (replacing imprisoned Republican bribe taker Randy "Duke" Cunningham). Even though Thomas taught at a community college before he began his long career legislatively undermining Americans' lives and even though he lived a short distance from Sinclair's home in Monrovia, CA, I'd bet that it was only Barney who's read this book, and certainly only Barney who understood it.

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Hastert, Boehner, Hyde, and Others Say Impeach

Nine long time Republican Representatives have gone on record. They have vehemently and eloquently made a case for impeachment when we have a President who lies.
 I was very impressed at how outraged they were, how concerned they were about ensuring honor and integrity in the White House.  They believe that if the President continues such behavior it would ultimately destroy the fabric of our society and the foundations of our government for future generations.
They were quite firm in saying that such issues were above partisan politics.

If you don't have time to read it all, in summary they said that: A lying President is the antithesis of Truth, Justice and the American Way.
I am relieved, because now I know that they will have to impeach George W. Bush.
This will be the first of a series of diaries where I will share what I learned with you.

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Boehner Rewrites History

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports on its Ohio politics blog that John Boehner's 37 page document used to campaign for his new role of House Majority Leader "rewrote history." Boehner had new insight into Watergate, claiming that Democrats wanted to impeach Richard Nixon because he tried to control spending.  The Plain Dealer was not buying the rewrite.  The paper's writers added "And all the time we thought it was because he wanted to put the Constitution through a shredder."

Can't anyone oppose this dangerous clown?

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John Boehner's Landlord

Ok now this is weird.  The Perennial Strategy Group employed both John Milne and Debra Anderson, the couple who rent a basement apartment to House Majority Leader John Boenher.  John D. Milne was a lobbyist, but his bio has been scrubbed from his firm's website (though not the wayback machine).  His wife shows up in the wayback machine, but her bio has been scrubbed as well.

Perennial has an Indian lobbying practice, but that page has been scrubbed as well.  John Milne used to work on that practice, but no longer apparently.

Anyway, here's a nice picure of John Boehner's landlady Debra Anderson with President George Bush.  

And here's a cute pick of Boehner's landlord John Milne with Dennis Hastert.

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