Cook Report adds Kucinich to list of vulnerable Dems

I just got this email from Dennis Kucinich. Please chip in what you can to help a great independent-minded progressive:

Dear Friend,

The Cook Report has written that the seat I have held in congress for the last 14 years is no longer a safe Democratic seat.

I cannot take this election for granted.

We need immediate help to raise the funds to spend for last-minute media buys to make sure there is no question about the outcome.

Please send a contribution.

Thank you, as ever.


Seven More Competitive House Races 

Dennis Kucinich among newly vulnerable Dems. 

3:48 PM, OCT 26, 2010 • BY MICHAEL WARREN •

The Cook Political Report has updated seven House races, moving all seven “Solid Democrat” races to “Likely Democrat.” The list includes Frank Pallone of New Jersey, David Price of North Carolina, Peter DeFazio of Oregon, Jim Cooper of Tennessee, Lloyd Doggett of Texas, John Tierney of Massachusetts, and Dennis Kucinich of Ohio … Kucinich’s challenger, Cleveland businessman Peter Corrigan, was considered a long shot until a recent internal poll showed Corrigan within single digits of the two-time presidential candidate.

Full Disclosure: I am currently an advisor to Dennis Kucinich

Romanoff Stands up for Net Neutrality, Slams Comcast v. FCC Decision

Wanted to make sure everyone saw Andrew Romanoff taking a strong stand on net neutrality and for consumers in the wake of the recent court decision in Comcast v. FCC. This is one of the many reasons we need Andrew Romanoff in the U.S. Senate. Click here to contribute to his campaign:

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Brian Moran takes the lead over Terry McAuliffe in Virginia

Big news: A new Public Policy Polling poll today shows Brian Moran leading the Democratic primary race for Governor in Virginia. That's despite McAuliffe spending a half million dollars, hiring 100 staffers and calling me an `ass.'

What this poll shows is that despite how much McAuliffe thinks this race is all about the money, in Virginia money isn't everything.

This race is really simple - do Virginia voters want to continue to follow the leadership of Tim Kaine, Mark Warner and Barack Obama - a leadership based on grassroots support from the bottom-up - or will Virginia be dominated by big-money politics and the people who raise it.

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Bob Bauer on the Change Congress Donor Strike

From the diaries - Todd

For those of you not familiar with Bob Bauer, he is one of the nation's leading election lawyers, representing, among others, Barack Obama on personal matters, the Obama for America campaign, the Democrat's House and Senate campaign committees, and the Democratic National Committee.  Last year, Bauer took on Republicans throughout the campaign, fighting against attempts to "callously attempting to dismantle needed reforms to make up for their fundraising deficiencies." Bob Bauer also led Barack Obama's massive nationwide voter protection network over the course of the campaign.

This week, Bob Bauer put his thoughts on the Change Congress Donors' Strike on paper, giving a thorough analysis of Change Congress' fight to remove big money from American politics.  Bauer posted his take on his blog, and the full post can be viewed below.

For more on the Change Congress Donor Strike, visit

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Rush Limbaugh Doesn't Get It! No Wonder The Right Has Lost Its Way.

Turns out Rush Limbaugh has been ranting on the radio about me and others who have promoted the idea of something like or

Limbaugh wants to continue to see the world in the old failed politics of partisanship for partisan sake.    We are talking abouth millions of Americans joining with their President to get things done together.   Rush thinks this idea makes no sense.   Perhaps he thinks letting the oil companies write our energy policy is the better way to do things.   The poor guy doesn't get it.   Rush read the book to find out what that means.    A guy who has a radio network of millions doesn't think the President of the United States should have one.

[Rush's rant after the jump...]

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