Ney Opponent Takes the Lead in Dem. Primary

There are only 4 days remaining until Tuesday's Democratic primary in Ohio and one candidate is in the lead.  The Mayor of Chillicothe, and democratic challenger Joe Sulzer is making it clear he will be the Democratic Nominee.

On Friday morning two of the largest local papers in the district, > The Zanesville Times Recorder and The Coshocton Tribune released their endorsement for Joe for US House.

Fundraising numbers from last quarter speak for themselves and place Joe far ahead of any other candidates.  At the end of the quarter Joe had raised $111,000 while Space had only raised $70,000 and Stewart either has failed to raise $5,000 or neglected to file.  Furthermore, Space even filed his preprimary finance report with the FEC a day late.

Joe has made media buys in Columbus and Zanesville media markets while Space and Stewart have only had the ability to purchase some local cable.  Joe's ad can be viewed at

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BOB NEY: One more nail in the coffin

The day after Democratic frontrunner Joe Sulzer called on Ney to resign if named in the Abramoff investigation Vanity Fair releases early edition of Abramoff Story.

Today the advanced copy of the Abramoff article in the April issue of Vanity Fair was released and has since spread like wildfire.

The article states, "The most obvious target is Ney.  In their heyday, he and Abramoff played golf together, traveled together, philosophized together.  Ney was one of the few elected officials Abramoff invited to the Bar Mitzvah of one of his three sons."

Yet Ney claims he was "duped"

Perhaps the most disturbing of statements came further in the story,
"Rather than going for Ney immediately, prosecutors appear to be encircling him, possibly striking plea deals with frightened staffers, themselves desperate to stay out of jail."

"Abramoff's perch was Table 40, where the movers and shakers of official Washington came to him.  `It was like Frank Sinatra,' recalls Monty Warner, a republican media strategist who remains friendly with Abramoff.  `I can remember Ney coming up and groveling, saying how much he enjoyed a golf outing or skybox or ball game, and really appreciated Jack's support.'"

Even still Ney claims he was "misled"

"It states [the plea agreement] that in exchange for `a stream of things of value'- foreign and domestic travel, golf fees, food, jobs for relatives, and both campaign contributions and a contribution to the National Republican Campaign Committee at his request- Ney became Abramoff's fixer on Capitol Hill.

Now more than ever Joe Sulzer needs your help.  Given Ney's clear ability to sink to the lowest levels we need your help to make sure we beat him in November.

Sign Joe's Petition Now!

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*posted by campaign staff

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Sulzer, Redfern call on Ney to resign if named in Abramoff investigation

Today frontrunner Joe Sulzer (democratic congressional candidate) and Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern called for Bob Ney to immediately resign from the U.S. House if his name is so much as whispered by corrupt lobbyist and convicted felon, Jack Abramoff.

Joe and Chris encouraged citizens to take an active role in the fight to restore ethics and values to Congress by signing Joe's petition.

"I encourage you to sign my petition calling for Ney's resignation if Abramoff names him. The ongoing investigation of Ney's corruption is keeping him from doing the job that we elected him to do."
-Joe Sulzer

Redfern continued, "We didn't elect him to take golfing trips to Scotland, wine and dine with corrupt lobbyists, and raise money for his legal defense fund. We need a Congressman who can focus on the needs of Ohio, instead of raising money for his mounting legal defense."
-Chris Redfern, ODP Chairman

Ney has already spent more than $125,000 in legal fees.

CLICK HERE Sign Joe's petition and help bring back ethics to Washington!

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*posted by campaign staff

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Ney Opponent Launches New Website

On behalf of Team Sulzer I'd like to introduce you to our new website Joe Sulzer for Congress

We would love to hear your opinions and suggestions concerning the site so please post comments on the Team Sulzer Blog, or Email Me

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Will A Dem Take Down Ney? Or Will Emanuel Save Him?

I saw a poll recently asking which congressman would be the next to be indicted (this was post DeLay and post Cunningham). The overwhelming response was venal Ohio Republican Bob Ney. But today Associated Press' David Hammer wrote a fairly positive piece on his future. Hammer used GOP talking points and sheer bullshit to denigrate the Democrats' efforts to take on Ney in Ohio's 18th CD.

Although there are 2 strong candidates locked in an action-packed primary battle-- grassroots progressive Zack Space and socially conservative Chillicothe mayor Joe Sulzer-- Hammer's main point is that the DCCC's version of Tom DeLay wasn't able to recruit whatever nightmare candidates he was trying to impose on the district.

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