At this point, I think Obama has kissed Democrats goodbye…

As of this morning it seems that Obama is ready to deal with the Right... extend the Bush tax cuts for a couple of years in exchange for one year's extension of Unemployment funding. The tax cut deal is tentative. It hasn't gone through Congress yet (although McConnell is probably dribbling with laughter in his office), but it probably will.

When even Conservatives like Joe Scarborough sees and comments on the fact that Obama is moving directly to the Right... and will not increase job creation much, but will add at least a trillion new bucks to the deficit. And who is going to lend it to us? The Chinese? Are we going to listen to Obama's financial team that extending tax cuts are going to get us out of recession?

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When Ignoring The Race Card Is Worse Than Playing It

An alternative title to this entry might be, "Are Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh Racists?"

From Twitter to Fox News, conservatives are mocking those who, like Jimmy Carter and Maureen Dowd, have called Rep. Joe Wilson and the rest of the Glenn Beck fringe "racist." To some extent, they have a point. To suggest that racism is the only or even main reason people criticize the President is absurd. Obama has his honest critics just as Bush, Clinton, and every President all the way back to Adams and Washington had theirs. These critics base their opposition on legitimate policy disagreements - after all, they are conservatives and he is liberal. Republican MSNBC host Joe Scarborough reminded us just how absurd this whole debate can get when he Tweeted, "Great moments in race baiting: Jimmy Carter accused of being racist by Kennedy supporters in 1980 primary."

One of Joe Biden's cardinal rules of politics is to never question another person's motives - eventually you'll make a mistake, tear down a good man, and wind up with egg on your face. Biden's right, so while I will criticize Joe Wilson's actions, I will not second-guess his motives. Maybe he really is just a part of the 55% of America that wrongly believes Obama will cover illegal immigrants, and I'm not about to accuse 55% of Americans of being racist.

But while it is arrogant and dangerous to accuse the entire conservative movement or Republican Party of racism, it is equally dangerous to stick one's head in the sand and claim it isn't a factor. There is racism afoot in the modern conservative movement, we can prove it, and even if it is only relegated to the movement's fringe, it only takes one nut to inspire another to commit what he sees as a necessary murder for the good of his country. It is wrong to accuse 46% of voters or 5 million Fox News viewers of racism, but it is equally wrong to look the other way when even just a few hundred racists speak up. I went to high school in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, where the presence of a few bad apples (the Aryan Nations compound) taught a good community a hard lesson: silence is acceptance.

Frank Rich has by far and away the best column I've yet seen on this subject:

Most important, [Palin] stands for a genuine movement: a dwindling white nonurban America that is aflame with grievances and awash in self-pity as the country hurtles into the 21st century and leaves it behind... When Palin referred to Alaska as "a microcosm of America" during the 2008 campaign, it was in defiance of the statistical reality that her state's tiny black and Hispanic populations are unrepresentative of her nation. She stood for the "real America," she insisted, and the identity of the unreal America didn't have to be stated explicitly for audiences to catch her drift.

I won't call Joe Wilson or Glenn Beck's viewers racist, but I will say that we must be vary wary of the Joe McCarthies and the Father Coughlins of this world, and we must name them when we see them. Two of the more obvious names are Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. On his radio program this week, Limbaugh called for a return to segregation and implied that Obama is the real racist, telling his listeners, "Kid shouldn't have been on the bus anyway. We need segregated buses... In Obama's America, the white kids now get beat up with the black kids now cheering [in an impression of what blacks must sound like] `Yay, right on, right on, right on, right on!'"

Yet while Rush goes on to complain that liberals claim all opposition to health care reform is based in racism, Beck takes a different approach and argues that all support for health care reform is based in racism - because black people are incapable of caring about anything other than their own skin color. That quote, more on Beck, and my conclusions below the jump.

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Getting Out of the Gutter.

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Amidst a climate of war, global warming, skyrocketing deficits, whopping trade imbalances, gas gouging, corporate corruption, a burst housing market bubble, illegal government spying, rampant corruption, torture, war atrocities, racism, marriage inequality a crumbling infrastructure, Bin Laden, failing schools, loss of competitiveness, war profiteering, a shrinking middle class, health care crisis and more... some Republicans have more than lost their way. They have gone so far astray that it may too late to turn back.

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Down for the count: The real fight for 2012

The fight for 2012 is here. Beltway media insiders rejoice!

Who's it going to be? Spunky Sarah? Moneyed Mitt? Holy Huckabee? Some dark-horse candidate flying under the radar? One thing is for sure: While the media clamors for every tiny detail in the looming battle for the Republican presidential nomination, the real fight for 2012 is taking place right before their very eyes.

Conventional-wisdom channelers in Washington, wittingly or not, have already been put to use by conservatives so determined to win that few facts remain untwisted. The fight over the 2010 census, which will ultimately dictate how congressional districts are drawn in 2012 and potentially influence party control of Congress for years to come, has already started.

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Right-Washing the New Deal

Hey folks, I wanted to share my latest column with everyone here at MyDD. If you like what you see, feel free to recommend this diary and share it with your friends.


It's probably a good thing that cable news generally doesn't draw much of an audience from the 18- to 24-year-old demographic. Otherwise, history professors across the nation could very well be witnessing the undoing of their work to educate students about the dire economic climate the United States faced for much of the 1930s.

Those who have been watching cable news lately have undoubtedly noticed the litany of conservative media figures attempting to rewrite history by denigrating the tremendous successes of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal policies in what amounts to an orchestrated effort to derail the economic recovery plans of President Obama.

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