What Clear Channel Won't Let You See

Today we launched a new website, www.giveitbackjim.com, highlighting Jim Gerlach's close connection to indicted former Majority Leader Tom DeLay and the pay-to-play culture in Washington.

For the last four years Jim Gerlach has been more interested in doing the bidding of DeLay than listening to the people of Pennsylvania's Sixth District.  

Gerlach has accepted $30,000 from indicted former Majority Leader Tom DeLay's ARMPAC.  Meanwhile he votes with DeLay 90% of the time.  Is there a connection?  That's for the voters to decide.  But we believe that Gerlach ought to return DeLay's tainted money and explain himself to Sixth District voters.

This is an important message.  It is also a message that media giant Clear Channel will not let you see.

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PA-06 Lois Murphy Plagiarized Her Ethics Plan

http://www.readingeagle.com/re/walter/14 95621.asp

I'm all about electing Democrats to office, but not with this nonsense. How do you run a candidate who plagiarized an ethics plan in a year centered on ethics? This is going to be open season from now to November on Lois Murphy. I guess we can cross Lois Murphy off the list.

This is what happens when you get trigger happy and lose your focus. Maybe its time to draft a new candidate.

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My Personal Ethics Pledge

Yesterday at Ursinus College in Collegeville, PA, I unveiled my CLEAN House Plan and signed an ethics pledge that goes above and beyond what is currently required of Members of Congress.  I challenged my opponent, Jim Gerlach, to do the same.  

My Congressional Lobbying and Ethics Agenda for the Nation (CLEAN) House Plan goes far beyond the proposals currently being offered in the Congress by both Republicans and Democrats.  

My ethics pledge sets the strictest of standards for personal and professional ethics for a Representative in Congress.  Please feel free to review the pledge here: http://www.loismurphy.org/... and send me your comments.  

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PA-06 DFA Endorses Lois Murphy!

 Democracy for America announced endorsements for four women in four major Congressional races.  Lois Murphy, an attorney from suburban Philadelphia was honored with this distinction.  Pennsylvania's Sixth Congressional District flows from just outside the city limits and into Reading, Coatesville, and Kutztown.  Major parts of Montgomery, Chester and Berks Counties comprise this swing district.

     PA-06 was the closest contested Congressional race in the country in 2004.  Since then the incumbent Jim Gerlach has relied upon Karl Rove and Tom DeLay to fatten his campaign coffers.  He has shown an amazingly flexible spinal column in his voting patterns.  Whenever he has been called upon to cast a decisive vote he goes in the direction Republican leadership dictates.

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