WI Gov. Doyle Won't Run For Reelection

My governor won't go for a third term:

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle has told associates he will announce this week that he won't seek a third term in 2010, POLITICO has learned.

By deciding against a run, Doyle, a Democrat, sets off what could be one of the most competitive gubernatorial races in the country next year.

The governor has been coy for months about his intentions, stockpiling money but at the same time not saying publicly whether he would run for re-election.

But sources familiar with his decision not to seek a third term say Doyle recognized the difficulties he may have faced next year and didn't want to go through another campaign after a long political career.

The big question: whether Doyle gets an appointment somewhere in the Obama administration before his current term ends. If so, Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton would be running in 2010 as an incumbent.

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No "Reagan Day," Say Some Guvs

Great piece in the Capital Times (Madison, WI) on the refusal of Gov. Jim Doyle (D-WI) and others to proclaim Feb. 6 (last Friday) as "Ronald Reagan Day."

Reagan was a fool whose utter lack of comprehension of the polices enacted were on display each time Reagan held a press conference.

Compare that with what we will see tonight as Pres. Obama holds his first prime-time news conference expected to be dominated by questions on the economy as today's news has the "International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn said the world's advanced economies -- the U.S., Western Europe and Japan -- are 'already in depression.'"

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No Republican Photo Op at This Steelworkers Plant

Unions are in high gear getting out the vote around the country. There's so much going on, it's hard to capture it all. But wanted to share with you a slice of what it's like in the field. Mike Hall, who blogs for us at the AFL-CIO in Washington, D.C., is in heavily Republican WI CD 8, Green Bay, Wis., where he's phone banking, walking door to door talking with union members--and much more. Here's his latest dispatch from the North (cross-posted from AFL-CIO Now).

Talk about Rapid Response. Last week in Green Bay, the big chiefs at the Georgia-Pacific paper plant thought they had the picture perfect photo op for Republican 8th Congressional District candidate John Gard--a plant tour where he could mingle with a bunch of happy workers.

After all, anybody who might spot the photo wouldn't know that the 500-plus United Steelworkers (USW) Local 9 members at the plant are strongly and actively backing Gard's opponent Steve Kagen. The long-held Republican seat is up for grabs and could be one of the 15 turn-around races that will end Republican House rule.

Well you gotta get up pretty early to pull a fast one on educated union members.

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Wisconsin Connections to the Foley Scandal

In the spirit of all politics being local, I thought I'd make sure that all of my fellow Wisconsinites had the full skinny on the various Mark Foley connections to be made.  For those keeping score, we can slightly ding Mark Green (who is currently running for Governor), bother F. Jim Sensnenbrenner (running for re-election in the WI-05), and nail John Gard (running to replace Green in the  WI-08).  The connections and links to the good guys are all below the fold.

If you need to know more about the actual Foley scandal itself, well, where have you been, under a rock?  Check the front page, why don't ya!

(This is condensed and edited from two posts done earlier today at my Milwaukee-based blog.)

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New Strategic Vison Poll for WI Governor

New Strategic Vison poll shows Doyle up 46-42 with 12% undecided. Based on the polling agency I would say this is pretty good news. Doyle still has some work to do but things are looking pretty good.

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