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On Halloween, there was something scary happening in Washington, DC.  The FCC was holding its final public hearing on localism and media consolidation, and they scheduled it only a week in advance, in the middle of the week, on a holiday.  Clearly, they hoped nobody would show up.

Fortunately, thanks to the wonderful people at Free Press, there were hundreds of committed citizens there. I was one of them.

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On "Acting White"

    I recently read a report that Jesse Jackson had taken a shot at Senator Barack Obama concerning the current situation in Jena, LA. It appears that Mr. Jackson in an interview said that Senator Obama was "acting white" because he is not outraged enough publically about the situation in Jena for Mr. Jackson's taste. It is no secret that I am not a fan of Mr. Jackson. I have written on a few occasions about my feelings for him and Mr. Sharpton. However, this to me elucidates why Mr. Jackson was never a serious contender for President, ever.

He later told the newspaper that he did not remember making the remark, but State reporter Roddie Burris told FOX News that Jackson's "acting like he's white" comment came during a 45-minute, one-on-one interview Tuesday after an hour-long speech at Benedict College in Columbia, S.C. Burris said he stands by his report. Fox News

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Obama is "Acting White"

I have accused many people of Acting White over my life. I have even said that blogger James C. Collier of the blog, of all things, Acting White, truly writes like he is whiter than white.

Rev. Jesee Jackson is right, if reports are correct about jackso calling out Presidential candidate Barack Obama as "acting white" and not responding strong enough over the controverial Jena, Louisiana case involving six youths on trial for their lives.

Jackson is also right Sen. Barack Obama's "tepid response" to six black juveniles' arrest on attempted-murder charges in Jena, La. is not what I want to see out of my candidate. Jackson is right, "Jena is a defining moment, just like Selma was a defining moment."

It's too bad Obama won't be in attendance. But, then again Jesse and I could be wrong. Obama and James Collier could be right. What do you think?


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UPDATE: But then again. At some point you have to stand for something, even after your college education and a degree.

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Multi-racial Media Critique Coming Together on Imus

The National Association of Black Journalists is spear-heading a campaign against MSNBC and Imus for his racist comment and his legacy of racism, backed by Essence's Editor in Chief, Angela Burt-Murray.  Now, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are pushing aggressively, with Imus going on Sharpton's show today to reiterate his apology.  It's not enough.

Sharpton insisted that equal opportunity offensiveness doesn't matter: "This is not some unemployed comic like Michael Richards," Sharpton said, referring to the "Seinfeld" actor who used the N-word and referred to lynching in a rant last year. "This is an established figure, allowed to use the airwaves for sexist and racist remarks."

According to the AP, NABJ President Bryan Monroe asked Thursday if Imus had "lost his mind" Rutgers coach C. Vivian Stringer was also incensed by the comments about her team. "I am deeply saddened and angered by Mr. Imus' statements,""To serve as a joke of Mr. Imus in such an insensitive manner creates a wedge and makes light of these classy individuals, both as women and as women of color."

The progressive left is pushing as well.  Media Matters put out a press release listing Imus's outrages spoken by either Imus or his producer:  Obama has a "Jew-hating name", Obama is a "young colored fellah", [Hillary Clinton] will have cornrows and gold teeth before this fight with [Sen. Barack] Obama [D-IL] is over,""Bitch is gonna be wearing cornrows", [Clinton] will be "giving Crips signs during speeches", CBS's "Jewish management" are "money-grubbing bastards".

Think Progress points out that Imus's producer said Jill Carroll wears"terrorist headgear", "carrying Zarqawi's baby", and is known as "Taliban Jill." And then as Atrios pointed earlier today, Imus just isn't actually sorry for what he said, he's only sorry that it's not acceptable to be publicly racist anymore.

The NAJB immediately called for an apology. Jack and Jill Politics discusses Imus in the context of attitudes towards race, and Tennessee Guerilla Woman point to the National Organization for Women petition asking for Imus to go.  The blogosphere is aflame.

Meanwhile, MSNBC is pretending that Imus doesn't work for them.  I don't link to the National Review very often, but they are spot-on here.

That's ridiculous. Not only does MSNBC give Imus his own page on, but the Imus show is a regular destination for NBC's top correspondents. If MSNBC is really so offended, maybe they should forbid NBC employees from appearing on the show as some sort of punishment.

Alternet has the backstory. This is a multi-racial, multi-ideological pressure campaign against a sordid media figure.  MSNBC is making a lot of money on Imus, and they are trying to have it both ways.  This is fairly typical for General Electric, which owns a lot of our media properties.

After the Fox News, Nevada Democratic Party and CBC Institute situation, it's nice to see this one take off as well.  I know there is a small number of boomer white liberalish types who believe that this is censorship or that Imus isn't that bad, but they are wrong and most progressives believe they are wrong.  It's going to be harder for these racist jerks to keep doing what they do without pressure.  Let's also be clear, the antisemitism is as core as the racism, since it's all part of a cultural argument that those dirty hippy Jew black gay muslim city people don't deserve power in our country.

Fox News is pathetic, but in one sense, they at least have a strategy of attracting a racist conservative audience.  MSNBC, by hiding behind it's 'Imus doesn't represent us, he just makes us money' continues to be a joke.

UPDATE: Cal Ripken is boycotting. AdamB asks, "If Cal Ripken can boycott Imus, why can't Democratic politicians?" Good question.

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Rev. Jesse Jackson Denounces Fox News Debate

And here we go.

Rev. Jesse Jackson today denounced the Congressional Black Caucus Institute's planned presidential debate partnership with FOX. He called for yesterday's decision to be reversed and for presidential candidates not to attend a FOX debate.

Jackson said, "I am disappointed by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute's partnership with FOX, and strongly encourage them to reverse that decision.  Why would presidential candidates, or an organization that is supposed to advocate for Black Americans, ever give a stamp of legitimacy to a network that continually marginalizes Black leaders and the Black community? FOX moderating a presidential debate on issues of importance to Black Americans is literally letting the Fox guard the henhouse - FOX should be rejected."

Fox's smears against the Black community are compiled in Outfoxed director Robert Greenwald's new YouTube video called Fox Attacks: Black America - which is located at and has been viewed by over 230,000 people in two weeks.

Yesterday's decision came after Black Members of Congress and the CBC Institute were contacted by thousands of members of - a 75,000 member online citizen lobby for Black Americans.  Privately, some CBC members expressed that the Fox deal was a bad idea, but not a single member would take a public stand like Jackson did today.

"The CBC cannot claim to represent Black Americans and at the same time legitimize a network that calls Black churches a cult, implies that Senator Barack Obama is a terrorist, and uses the solemn occasion of Coretta Scott King's funeral to call Black leaders `racist,'" said James Rucker, head of "The CBC Institute's decision is shamefully out of step with most Black voters -- and now Black voters will hold our leaders accountable and demand they end their partnership with Fox."

This was a very bad decision, and CBC members knew it when they made it.

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