The DeVos Killfile

Over the last couple days I've been lucky enough to post a few scoops about the swift boat tactics of Michigan GOP governor candidate Dick DeVos' allies, and the little-reported but highly likely push polling by the same wingnut faction. Today I just want to present some words from Dick DeVos himself. I went back and did a little digging, and found some really amazing quotes. Take this for instance:

"If the purpose of governor is to just execute a specific plan, then I'm not sure I want the job." --Detroit News, June 22, 2006

DeVos' chief rationale for running is the Single Business Tax, an admittedly problematic task that  Gov. Granholm also wants to fix. But while she has proposed a revenue-neutral fix, DeVos has refused to say what he'd do until AFTER the election:

"Q . When you talk about restoring a majority of the tax, what are you talking about? Seventy, 80 percent of the revenue?

A . I haven't quantified that. I'm not going to get pinned down on a number.

Q . What's the plan then? It sounds like a non-plan." --Detroit News, June 22, 2006

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DeVos Gets Dirty (Tricks)

Just a couple days ago I wrote a diary about a race-baiting smear against Jennifer Granholm in Michigan. Now scAmway heir Dick DeVos and supporters have got someone conducting a fact-free anti-Granholm push poll, apparently designed to turn her supporters away from her.

This ran in the Ann Arbor News on Sunday, doesn't seem to be anywhere on the web, but I have an image scan for it, and the relevant text is after the jump:

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The Swift Boating of Jennifer Granholm

Bumped from the diaries -- Jonathan

Once again the right has shown that they will sink to any level, and I mean ANY level to advance their agenda.  Putting images of Hitler and a swastika on the same page as former U.S. Presidents to convey your point is far outside the mainstream of acceptable advertising tactics.

Ad linking Granholm to Hitler is Under Fire

Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Republican challenger Dick DeVos were in rare agreement Thursday -- the campaign they are waging against each other doesn't have anything to do with Adolf Hitler.

Granholm and DeVos were responding to a full-page ad appearing in this week's edition of the Detroit-based Michigan Chronicle newspaper that featured photographs of Hitler and Granholm and accused Democrats of taking African-American voters for granted.

The racist ad itself is included after the jump...

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Help Feingold pick a governor : w/POLL

The latest round of Senator Russ Feingold's "share the wealth" strategy is just popping into our mailboxes. This time he wants to identify a Democratic candidate for Governor who would be a good choice to support.

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Recommendations for Netroots Fundraising Page

Because the current netroots page is populated with men and only men, I thought I would recommend a few women.  All of the women I list have established themselves either in the ring of politics, in the arena of business or in the world of law.  And all of them have launched campaigns with a viable message of change and accountability.  Moreover, they represent three regions of the United States, and all of them are supported by local bloggers.  I do list an incumbent, and this is Jennifer Granholm, who the Cook Political Report now considers vulnerable.

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