MI Gov Update: DeVos On The Run, TV Debates Start Monday

Next Monday is the first of several just a few debates between Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Dick DeVos (R-Amway) and it's a good time to start, for a couple reasons.

According to the WSJ/Zogby poll released this week, Gov. Granholm is at 49.9% while DeVos is at 40.8%. As they say in politics, all you need is 50% plus one -- and J. Grho is inching closer and closer to that. It's the best lead she's had since the start of the year. That poll was mostly conducted after the "intelligent" design report was breaking, and might reflect some of that. I wouldn't be surprised if the next poll was even better -- that is to say, worse for him.

So, the first debate is Monday Oct 2 at 8pm Eastern. In Michigan it will be on MSU's WKAR, on public TV around the state and should be available to Fox affiliates. For those of us outside Michigan, keep an eye on C-SPAN, since they usually run big debates, often live but if not, certainly taped. If live, it'll also be on the web.  

Information on the other debates:

  • Tuesday  Oct 10, WOOD-TV and NBC affiliates. Panel format with questioners from WOOD, Detroit's WDIV, and the Detroit Free Press.

  • On Thursday Oct 12 they will both be at Detroit's Economic Club, but there won't be any TV and it doesn't sound like it's an actual debate -- they'll just be giving speeches.

  • Monday Oct 16, WXYZ in Detroit, Chuck Stokes moderating. This one can be seen on CBS and ABC affiliates around Michigan.

The expectations for DeVos SHOULD be high. He's been a front man all his life, on the doing motivational speaking for Amway (although most everyone who attended them were destined to live in a van down by the river). I believe he was also trained in debate, and has appeared with Gorbachev in public speaking situations. So he's an experienced pro, right? Hah. If you've seen his pathetic YouTube videos, you would never know it. For awhile he was doing "video blogs" supposedly "from the road" -- and they're nothing short of godawful. Truly, unintentional comedy.

And if you look at the videos uploaded by his team, you'll notice that commenting and rating has been disabled. Weak! That's a Dick DeVos government for you -- no feedback wanted.

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MI-Gov: DeVos Lies About Creationism & How We Could "YouTube" This Race

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SteveinMI and kidfury already covered the announcement by Dick DeVos (R-Scamway) yesterday [at dKos], but the story continues. Below the jump, I've got astounding world-is-flat A=B doublespeak insanity from the Scamway king himself, plus a round-up of Michigan GOP events this weekend. If you're in the area, why not go ask him to clarify his bullshit position? On camera.

Now, as of last night or this morning, the DeVos campaign is sending around a "correction" to the "inaccurate" AP story. It goes like this:

"I've always believed that our children should be provided with more knowledge, not less.  Lots of intelligent people can disagree about the origins of life.  In the end, I believe in our system of local control.  Local school boards should have the opportunity to offer evolution and intelligent design in their curriculums."

And that "inaccurate" AP story? It says:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos says he thinks Michigan's science curriculum should include a discussion about intelligent design. ... "I would like to see the ideas of intelligent design that many scientists are now suggesting is a very viable alternative theory," DeVos told The Associated Press this week during an interview on education. "That theory and others that would be considered credible would expose our students to more ideas, not less."

In other words, how dare you quote me accurately!  

Also: Credible? ID? How about this: would this make the state's schools more credible? At a time when education has never been more important, when Michigan is fighting to remain competitive in the global economy, he finds it important to point out that he thinks schools should be able to ignore the science he doesn't like. Despicable.

Coming the same day as news about a 3.3 million year old skeleton of an Australopithecus afarensis, over 100K years older than the famous "Lucy" skeleton, it just looks all the more foolish.

And it reminds me of the big Rolling Stone article this week on the "dominionists" among whom DeVos counts himself. They're the theocrats DarkSyde and Mark Crispin Miller and others have argued represent the truly frightening theocratic vanguard of the religious right. Falwell is a piker. DeVos is the real deal -- this should be a Christian nation governed by Christian laws, dammit, he says. And you don't have to be an atheist to find that vision of America disturbing.

Anyway, the good news is DeVos will be out in public around the state this weekend, as will Mike Bouchard, Saul Anuzis and the rest of the rogue's gallery. If you're in proximity, you might think about walking up and asking them what they think. If you've got a camera handy, you might think about posting the results on YouTube. This could be an awesome chance to do for the MI Gov and MI Sen races what the innovators in Connecticut did during the CT Dem primary - and what made George Allen synonymous with a small South Asian monkey." 

Here are the events I'm aware of, copied from the Michigan GOP emails I'm sure glad I signed up for. But I'm sure there's more:

  • Also, you are invited to join Dick DeVos, Mike Bouchard, Congressman Mike Rogers, Saul Anuzis, Betsy DeVos, State Rep. Candidate John Knowles, and Lt. Govenor Candidate Ruth Johnson to a tailgating event hosted by the Michigan Republicans at the MSU vs. Notre Dame game this Saturday in East Lansing. ... Our spot is in the T-lot directly in front of the stadium. Look for the gigantic "DeVos for Governor" sign.

  • WHAT:  You're invited to join

    Fall Campaign Kickoff Party!

    2:30 PM - 5:30 PM

    10701 W. McNichols Rd

    Detroit, MI 48221

    Come and Have fun, food & drinks with the

    Team for Change and meet DeVos for

    Governor Campaign Manager:

And if you do manage to get there with your camera and put it on YouTube, please post a diary here about it.

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MI-Gov: September 14 EPIC/MRA Poll Analysis

This diary entry is a summary.  Please see the full analysis for a more in-depth examination.

The Detroit News/WXYZ-TV EPIC/MRA poll just released new information on MI-Gov and MI-Sen.  Here's my election analysis based on the numbers:

Keep in mind that there are a lot of problems with the methodology of polling in general (question wording bias, bias because of the kinds of people who decide to respond, bias in phone ownership, answers differing from actual voting behavior, question order influences).  On top of that, no poll accounts for voter energy and election day GOTV.  Finally, remember what Mark Grebner had to say about ballot proposals.

In this particular poll, 57% females were questioned as opposed to 43% males.  The fact that females were more likely to answer the poll tells us two things.   It tells us that the method used to pick respondents is not representative of the population.  It also explains some of the difference in favor of Granholm and Stabenow (since women tend to favor Granholm and Stabenow by a greater margin than men).

With all of that in mind, onto the numbers...

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Granholm's Lead Stabilizing in Michigan?

I had been pretty sure for awhile that Jennifer Granholm would pull ahead in the race against Dick DeVos in Michigan, even if I did have my fingers crossed. Well, I see two polls this week that make this point pretty clear. Separately they have been discussed here and here. The other good news is that Granholm is starting to make an issue of Scamway, and that isn't the only questionable company in the family.

Results from Republican outfit Strategic Vision:

1. Do approve or disapprove of Governor Jennifer Granholm's overall job performance?
Approve 47%
Disapprove 45%
Undecided 8%

4. Do you approve or disapprove of President Bush's overall job performance?
Approve 34%
Disapprove 58%
Undecided 8%

16. If the election for Governor were held today, whom would you vote for Jennifer Granholm, the Democrat or Dick DeVos, the Republican?
Jennifer Granholm 48%
Dick DeVos 43%
Undecided 9%

Debbie Stabenow looks strong, too. And this one from the Wall Street Journal:

Jennifer Granholm 50.8%
Dick DeVos 43.6%

And as I've argued before, Granholm doesn't need to get into a tit for tat about whether the state is better or worse than X. The more she goes out as her self, and from time to time reminds voters of just what DeVos's true background is, she will continue to improve. If you haven't seen "See Dick Run" from the Michigan state Dems, I recommend it. Maybe nothing you don't know, but information Michigan voters need.

But Scamway isn't the only company in the DeVos family portfolio deserving closer scrutiny. Consider Blackwater, which is run by DeVos's brother in law, brother of crazy ex-Republican chair Betsy DeVos. It's a Halliburton you don't hear about, making a war profiteer's killing, as it were, sending mercenaries to Iraq and even to New Orleans, where they have claimed the U.S. government has given them authority to use lethal force. Got that? But there's a lot more to say about that, maybe I will soon.

Meanwhile, Granholm has been under siege by a man who might just be the wealthiest ever to seek office in American history. The Granholm campaign should be commended for standing firm against unfair attacks and the governor should be praised for leading in difficult times. We could all learn a thing about that kind of perseverance. And I think the polls above show the people of Michigan are recognizing how great a governor they have, even if the political pundits are late to the game.

DeVos is a disaster in waiting for Michigan - and for America. Granholm is not in the clear yet (standard disclaimer) but she's looking strong now, and she'll keep getting stronger going into the fall.

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Bill Clinton & Jennifer Granholm Rally Video

(I posted this at dKos last Friday. But if you haven't seen this here, I thought I would share. It's a pretty rad video.)

Last Tuesday President Clinton was in Taylor Michigan to campaign for Jennifer Granholm's reelection -- up on YouTube now there's a 7-minute highlight reel, which is worth seeing. Very high quality.

Yes, you know that Bill Clinton is a magnetic public speaker, but he's really, really on in this one. Well worth a few minutes out of your day. Maybe someday our President will speak proper English once again. A man can dream.

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