Fighting Dems Say Rumsfeld Must Go: A Call to Action

Today Jeff Latas and I are announcing the call by the Fighting Dem Vets running for Congress in November demanding the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. The Band of Brothers and Sisters is endorsing this document individually and now we are urging all Fighting Dems, vets and non-vets alike, to join us in signing this petition. This is also a call to all the netroots to join us in a call for Rumsfeld's resignation.  We believe that it is our patriotic duty to speak out against Secretary Rumsfeld and we stand with and will defend the six generals who have called for Secretary Rumsfeld's resignation -- seven if you count the recent statements in an interview by General Wesley Clark (as did Reuters), former Supreme Commander of NATO and my friend and former boss.

Please go and sign the petition here. In addition to asking you to sign the petition, we ask that you call and write your elected officials and write letters to the editor about Secretary Rumsfeld and the criticisms leveled against him.  You are free to use any information provided in this diary to bolster your arguments in these vital endeavors.

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by Jeff Latas [Subscribe]
Wed Apr 12, 2006 at 09:02:49 AM PDT

Thanks to my fantastic team of professionals working pro bono, we have three campaign ads "in the can."

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Growing up Union

There have been some questions here in the race for Arizona's District 8 about whether or not candidates support the right to organize. Let me clearly state my belief that workers have every right to organize and this is one reason our country became as strong as it is. Because of our freedoms, the people won a struggle to keep the balance of power from shifting entirely towards corporate interests.

You bet I support the right to organize. I grew up in a family where my father was a member of a union. He started out as a school teacher after earning his degree on the GI bill, granted to him because he served his country during WWII. He was never motivated by money, but he was motivated to do the right thing. I never heard him once complain about his income. He just wanted to do the right thing.

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The Hacking of Hackett

Enough is enough. In my short political life, I have gained an incredible amount of enlightenment. There are entities that will do everything in order to maintain their power, even at the expense of democracy. Why?

It is quite simple: the string pullers think they have the intellectual corner on what is best for our country, my country. They will block funding, media, and do what ever they can to keep our voices silent. One area they have not controlled is here in the blogoshere.

Like many of you, I am mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it any more! I made a pledge in Washington less than a week ago, a pledge to back my band of brothers. I will not try to talk Maj. Hackett back to political life, but I will share my experience in how the party works in recruiting and dismissing possible candidates.

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