Massive Sell-off Monday? Morgan admits to bank run.

Early news from the international markets is not good this morning. The Hang Seng (Hong Kong) index is down a whopping 13% as I write this, and many other Asian exchanges are doing almost as poorly as the Yen increases in value amid volatile trading. U.S. index futures are down significant amounts, in part, as a result of this. Looks like it's going to be another roller coaster of a day here in the U.S., with European trading indicating major market declines there, as well. Read about it here: "Global Stocks, U.S. Futures Drop on Economy; UBS, Deutsche Fall."

For those wondering why Treasury Secretary Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke were so quick to allow Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to morph into banks a month ago, the reasons are now becoming apparent, at least in Morgan's case: 1/3 of all of the money in its money market accounts were withdrawn in an investor run as we're now learning via this morning. Read about that right here: "Morgan Stanley Propped Up Money-Market Funds With $23 Billion." 

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Manufacturing Monday: Week of 10.20.08

Happy Monday, folks, I do hope you all had a good weekend!  Welcome to another installment of Manufacturing Monday!  Now things are looking bad out there, as many of you probably already know.  We start out with more dire jobs news at GM. Turning to some good news, it seems economic forces that made us "costly" has now turned the tables of sorts, with ironically the biggest pusher of China, Wal-mart (or is it Walmart?  I've seen this store both ways.) forcing suppliers to look domestically.  Lastly, we got Honda moving more work to North America. But first, as is par for the course, we get to the latest economic info related to manufacturing.  So without further adieu...

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Random Violence and Crime Is On The Rise in Japan!

The following comes from an email that was sent to my g/f from a friend of hers. The email came this morning, so this just happened. Has anyone heard of this or is our "news media" still so wrapped up in Obama and Clinton?


Japan is no longer the safe haven people once believed it was. Today, in Akihabara, a 25yr old male from Shizuoka Prefecture drove his truck at high speed into pedestrians!! Today is Sunday. Akihara has its pedestrian heaven every week on Sunday so that the area is closed to traffic and is always crowded with tourists, families, and people out having a good time. Going to Akihabara's electric town, or going to Maid Cafes, or buying anime paraphernalia. After driving into a crowd of people, sending at least three people sprawling, he then got out of his truck and had with him a 13cm survival knife. He then went on a stabbing spree!! Seven people have died and more than a dozen people were injured. He did not know any of the victims. They were stabbed at random. Although he was caught, his reason for his actions was that "he was tired of living and came to Akihabara specifically to kill people. Anybody would do". Why didn't he just fuckin' kill himself is what I say! Sorry if I seem to be a little disturbed and am using an explicit amount of profanities but my ire has not yet subsided.

I'm usually a reasonable person, but his actions are unforgivable. Not only do I wish him to get the death penalty, I would prefer to have the family of the victims stab him as many times as possible and hope to hell he dies a slow and very painful death. No! I'm not kidding! The fucking asshole deserves nothing less!! This is an area that (name deleted) and I go to occasionally. It is a beautiful and fun place to just walk around. This is just the latest in crimes of random violence that seems to be the top news every day. And this from a country that has strick gun laws and low crime rate. Not only is random violence on the rise, so is juvenile crime. Stabbings seem to be the choice method.

The news has just released the names of those who died. One person was only 21yrs old. Another 31yrs old. Also a police officer who was there to help the three victims who were hit by the truck was one of the first persons to be stabbed. It was also released that he was carrying a second survival knife as well.

It's a sad day when you think you might have to start wearing Kevlar in one of the safest nation's on earth.

I want to repeat - seven innocent people were killed for no reason except that this asshole just wanted to kill people. Totally unforgivable.

A note to friends and family: (name deleted) and I were not in the neighborhood of Akihabara today although we have also enjoyed its Sunday Pedestrian Heaven. We were far from harm and sitting at home when the news flash was shown at 12:30pm this afternoon. Although we went out later to Shimo Kitazawa (also a busy and crowded area on the weekends), just thinking of someone pulling the same stunt here is enough to make you think twice about going out just for fun.

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We are the ones we have been waiting for ?

According to BHO, "we are the ones we have been waiting for"

So why don't we examine who we really are:

From 14dumb.html?em&ex=1203397200&en= 38525b1af4915364&ei=5087%0A

Walking home to her Upper East Side apartment (on 9/11, right after the bombings in NYC), she (Susan Jacoby, author of "The Age of American Unreason,") said, overwhelmed and confused, she stopped at a bar. As she sipped her bloody mary, she quietly listened to two men, neatly dressed in suits. For a second she thought they were going to compare that day's horrifying attack to the Japanese bombing in 1941 that blew America into World War II:

"This is just like Pearl Harbor," one of the men said.

The other asked, "What is Pearl Harbor?"

"That was when the Vietnamese dropped bombs in a harbor, and it started the Vietnam War," the first man replied.

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The 66th anniversary of Pearl Harbor

A portion of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's address to Congress:

Yesterday, December 7th, 1941 -- a date which will live in infamy -- the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.

The United States was at peace with that nation and, at the solicitation of Japan, was still in conversation with its government and its emperor looking toward the maintenance of peace in the Pacific.

Indeed, one hour after Japanese air squadrons had commenced bombing in the American island of Oahu, the Japanese ambassador to the United States and his colleague delivered to our Secretary of State a formal reply to a recent American message. And while this reply stated that it seemed useless to continue the existing diplomatic negotiations, it contained no threat or hint of war or of armed attack.

Today we remember those who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor 66 years ago.

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