The reality of Iraq

Here's what a prominent Wisconsin politician recently said about the war in Iraq:

"Recent polls showing a waning of support for the war are a sign to the President that he needs to level with the American people.  When troops are dying, the commander-in-chief cannot be coy, vague, or secretive."

If you think that's a quote from Russ Feingold, you're wrong.  It was actually Mel Laird, a former Republican congressman and Secretary of Defense under Nixon.  It seems these days that everyone except George W. Bush thinks that the war isn't going well.

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My call for immediate withdrawal from Iraq

I'm posting the speech that I gave on Saturday at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin convention in La Crosse.  This is where I stand:  it's time to bring our troops home from Iraq.  The war was a mistake to begin with, and it has wasted billions of dollars and thousands of lives.  

I'd be happy to discuss below.

As for me, I'm running for Congress in an open district here in Northeast Wisconsin.  We're best known for the Green Bay Packers and their green and gold, but, in political terms, this district is both red and blue.  It's is the swing area in a swing state, and this is the kind of district we need to carry to gain a majority in Congress.

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Warner Woos Wisconsin: Founder's Day Dinner

(Cross-posted; all photos, unless as noted, by my friend and fellow blogger Scott Feldstein, who has them at much better resolution at his place.)

It is no secret that former Virginia governor Mark Warner is running for president.  So he's doing what candidates do--particularly candidates who are "unemployed," as he kept reminding us during his speech--he's talking to any assemblage of Democrats he can get his hands on.  And trying to drum up all the buzz he can.

The buzz is where I come in:  A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Warner's Forward Together PAC--and, yes, in introducing Warner, Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle did joke about Warner's use of Wisconsin's motto ("Forward!") in the name of his PAC.  Nate invited me to attend the Democratic Party of Wisconsin's Founder's Day (née Jefferson-Jackson) Dinner as a guest of the PAC and to blog the event.  So here I will; follow me blow the fold for more pictures and summary . . .

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