Breaking: Jack Carter Endorses for '08

The Biden for President campaign has just announced a major national endorsement, that of Jack Carter, son of former President Jimmy Carter and the '06 NV-Sen nominee. Full text of the press release and some of my own thoughts on Carter and Biden after the jump.

(No, I am not a paid blogger, this, like my personal blog and my many diaries from Katrina to Idaho, is completely of my own volunteer iniative.)

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Democrats Ready to Bloom in Nevada

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This weekend, Democrats Work will be in Reno to start building a new style of political action based on service and, well, actually doing tangible stuff that helps our communities throughout the year.  On Saturday, May 19th from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m., blue-shirted Nevada Democrats will beautify Bicentennial Park in downtown Reno as part of this new, national effort to get Democrats involved in community service . . . as Democrats.

Democratic volunteers will work at a park beautification and flower planting project organized by Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful. The Young Democrats of Nevada and State Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie are co-hosting this Democratic service opportunity with Democrats Work.

Who's in?  You can sign up here.

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Book Review: Jason Carter "Power Lines: Two Years on South Africa's Borders"

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In Gogo's mind, she translated the word "hope" to the zulu word themba. "Themba" means not only "hope" but also "believe." For Gogo, "hope" is not a possibility but a certainty.
Too often, perhaps, we lose hope because we fail to look for it where we least expect it - among poor black people in a South African homeland or an American inner city, or poor white farmers in clapboard shaks in south Georgia. But there it is.

Hope and believe, or "themba," that's what it is ultimately all about. Jason Carter, the son of last year's Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Jack Carter and brother of blogger Sarah Carter, comes to this conclusion at the end of his book, at the end of two years in South Africa.

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NV-Sen - Big Campaign updates: TV ads!

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Hi, folks.  As many of you know, my Dad is Jack Carter, who's running for US Senate in Nevada.  We're back on the air.  I'll have the TV ads below (YouTube links and transcripts),  a little bit of the coverage that my Dad got on his recent campaign swing through rural Nevada with Brian Schweitzer, and tell you about a new feature on the Carter Blog: "Outrageous Ensign Vote of the Day."

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The Nancy Johnson Ad Goes National

Republican Nancy Johnson used this ad, and now John Ensign is using it.  Are we prepared?

Update: This was Chris Murphy's counter against Nancy Johnson. It was apparently effective because there was lots of press about the fraudulent nature of the Johnson ad. Perhaps the Carter campaign has an opening.

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