Hey Dick, how did it feel to shoot a man?

All around the table the white-haired men have gathered Spilling their sons' blood like table wine.
Hey Dick, how did it feel to walk up and see a man you shot writhing on the ground in pain and fear?  Have you ever seen so much blood?  Were his eyes open?  Were you scared?  Did you think he was going to die?  Was there a pit in your stomach?  Did you want to vomit as you looked into his eyes and wondered if you had killed him?  Was the image of his terror burned onto your retinas so that you see it over and over, every time you close your eyes?  

Or did you get close to him at all?  Did you hang in the back while your staff prepared the scene for you?  Not sure what to do?  Did you look around to make sure that nobody was taking pictures?  When your protectors gave you the all clear, did you pat him on the back and reassure him, old boy, that everything would be fine, that everything was going as planned?  Did you react "appropriately"?

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Tom Daschle, Diagnosis - Kerry-itis

There is a condition that afflicts politicians on the Democratic side of the aisle far too often. It's a condition known as Kerry-itis. Politicians afflicted with Kerry-itis find it impossible to take a clear position on a tough subject. They are unable to take a clear position because they don't want to foreclose having a different position in the future - or heck, having two contradictory positions at the same time.

Yesterday morning I watched "Meet the Press." I can tell you that from the comfort of my living room I was able to diagnose former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) with a critical case of Kerry-itis.

When Tim Russert asked Tom Daschle if he regretted his vote to authorize military force in Iraq, knowing what he knows now, Daschle's response was "I am not going to re-visit that vote."

What? He wants to talk, legitimately I might add, about how we were hood-winked into war by the Bush administration, but he won't tell us whether he regrets his vote or not? Come on. This is why Democrats are constantly getting their asses kicked. People want straight talk. People want answers not equivocating. Tom Daschle in under 5 minutes reminded me why the Senate is a better place without him.

http://realvalues.blogspot.com/2006/02/t om-daschle-diagnosis-kerry-itis.html

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Where Are All the Fiscal Conservatives?

Cross posted with a photo of Uncle Cheney at StoriesinAmerica:

The party of small government and fiscal responsibility claims it has no choice but to cut funding for Medicare and Medicaid, violence against women programs, women's health services, battered women's shelters, an elderly nutrition plan, programs for veterans and student loans, but it could care less about the billions being stolen in Iraq. More than $50 billion has gone to private contractors hired to guard bases, drive trucks, feed and shelter the troops and rebuild the country we bombed.

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Administration affect on cultural psychology

A New York Times story today (http://www.nytimes.com/2006/02/12/nation al/12homicide.html) highlighted the staggering rise in murder in middle-sized American cities.  While murders in the 1990s were generally characterized by gang related drug crimes, people today according to the story, are killing for "petty" reasons.  The story cites "mean looks" or "disrespect" as reasons given for murder.  Even unauthorized use of a person's bar of soap can get you killed in Milwaukee, according to the Times story.

Crime experts debate the reasons why.  Lax gun laws and weak sentences are easy targets, but no one seems to be addressing the root causes.

My theory: people aren't committing petty murders because guns are accessible and because they think they can get away with it (that's nothing new); this trend must point to some broader cultural issue.

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Revenge of pseudo-liberal relativism

I have been wanting to post this question for a while, but have not really had time other than to react to other people's diaries on various topics. My question is this: Do you think what we are seeing with the right, the media and the American people is that they have adopted the tactics of pseudo relativism, but have done so from the right?

I should point out that I don't consider relativism to be per se a bad thing. The idea that it's hard to judge other people's values, but it does create a sort of slippery slope. One pseudo relativist I met could never find a reason for which a tactic could be considered bad or evil. Do you agree with that? That no actions are bad or evil- they are all just actions? If you do, then I think you have some points of similarities with the Bush Administration (and frankly until recently so did I)

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