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City Pages - Bin Laden's Game: "CP: Can you talk about the role that the Iraq war has played in his recruiting successes?

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Bribery and Support For The War

Would Duke Cunnimgham, veteran, war hero, and convicted felon, have supported the war without the bribes from  defense contractor? tent/article/2006/02/17/AR2006021702508. html

Convicted former representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-Calif.) faces 10 years in prison for "unparalleled corruption." The Washington Post describes "a bribe menu on congressional letterhead telling a defense contractor what payments were required for different levels of federal funding, federal prosecutors said in court papers yesterday."

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The US Decision to Invade Iraq

In a recent assignment for a class on foreign policy, I was tasked to analyze the US decision to invade and occupy Iraq from two theoretical perspectives in international relations: realism and progressivism.  Since this was an academic exercise, the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the author.  Then again....

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9% Want to Invade Iran Now

It's all academic and hypothetical because, considering our current deployment capabilities, we are unable to invade Iran (short of a draft and/or a near total pullout of Iraq). But gee, do you think the country is a little gunshy after Iraq?
CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll. Feb. 9-12, 2006. N=1,000 adults nationwide. MoE ± 3.

"Now, turning to Iran -- What do you think the United States should do to get Iran to shut down its nuclear program: take military action against Iran now, use economic and diplomatic efforts but not take military action right now, or take no action against Iran at this time?" Options rotated

Military Action Now 9
Economics/Diplomacy 68
No Action 18
Unsure 5
Numbers like these mean that about 80% of the people in this country who think the invasion of Iraq was a good idea would rather not invade Iran right now.

There is a great irony in all of this. Bush has often been accused (mostly by people on the left) of not adhering to true conservative principles (if such things exist) through reckless military intervention. However, after he tossed those principles aside and the country has seen the consequences of reckless military intervention, now, more than at any time in the last twenty years, the country is actually more in line with the "true conservative" principles Bush eschewed. We are not interested in overseas military "adventurism" anymore.

Personally, I never bought into the "true" or "traditional" conservative argument anyway. Conservative is as conservative does. In a more Catholic phrasing, your actions are your beliefs. Given this, I can see no way to conclude anything except that the reckless use of the military in a quest for empire and political gain is a core conservative belief. In fact, taking the long historical view, I think history completely backs me on this one too. Using the military for empire and glory is what conservatives have always done.

The Hacking of Hackett

Enough is enough. In my short political life, I have gained an incredible amount of enlightenment. There are entities that will do everything in order to maintain their power, even at the expense of democracy. Why?

It is quite simple: the string pullers think they have the intellectual corner on what is best for our country, my country. They will block funding, media, and do what ever they can to keep our voices silent. One area they have not controlled is here in the blogoshere.

Like many of you, I am mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it any more! I made a pledge in Washington less than a week ago, a pledge to back my band of brothers. I will not try to talk Maj. Hackett back to political life, but I will share my experience in how the party works in recruiting and dismissing possible candidates.

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