Time for a Unified Dem Solution for Iraq

As Iraq crumbles into civil war and more troops become endangered in this quagmire, it is time for Democrats offer specific solutions for this war.  In essence, I think the party should call for a Peace Summit, where leaders from the left and center lock themselves in room until they can formulate concrete proposals on how to return our troops without causing a humanitarian catastrophe in the Middle East.

The president has no plan whatsoever.  The Democrats and left have made noise and criticized, but are yet to offer concrete solutions.  Granted, some have offered solutions, but as a party we are awfully quiet on the subject.  There is a leadership void in this crisis and no solutions are being offered.  

As Democrats, we are the party of solutions.  When America has been in crisis, it was Democrats who came to the rescue with real solutions.  All one needs to do is look back at WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, the civil rights movement, and the Clinton prosperity following the Reagan recessions of the 1980's and early 1990's.  

It is irresponsible and immoral for our party to just trust the president to solve this mess.  It is also wrong for us to solely suggest pullout without any discussion of the complex realities entailed in immediate pullout.  We need to give the country specific solutions.  

We hear our senators call for benchmarks, in lieu of calls for withdrawal, but this is insincere since no specifics have been offered.  We also hear conservatives in the party blast the "liberal" base for just calling for immediate pullout, but little is offered in the alternative.  Likewise, the left knows better than to solely call for a pullout without considering the potential humanitarian crisis caused by instability in Iraq.  Unfortunately, the conversation as to what we should is not being had.  There must be some common ground and a rational solution out there.  I think that it is about time we give the public a concrete solution.  

I suggest the netroots conduct a ten day comment period for concrete suggestions for how we should deal with the Iraq war and its aftermath in the Middle East.  The suggestions from the web should then be relayed to a conference of key leaders from the current crop of elected officials, as well as foreign policy leadership from the Clinton administration and academics who are knowledgeable on the region.  There is no excuse for us to not be able to sit down and hammer out what should be done to rescue our international credibility, avoid a humanitarian crisis in Iraq, and bring our troops home safely.  We have the people with experience.  Isn't it about time we use them?

True leaders stand for principle and take charge when there is a void in leadership.  As the party of solutions, this is our time to lead and rescue the world from this current foreign policy disaster.  

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Paul Pillar and Pre-war Intelligence

Perhaps the saddest thing about these new allegations is that they're not new at all. Over and over again, we've seen mounting evidence that the Bush administration looked to politics, not the facts, in making the decision to take our country to war. Indeed Seymour Hersh's book argues that the Bush administration compromised the intelligence analysis process to let flawed intelligence through that would support the case for war. The women and men of Rhode Island serving in uniform, their families, and all of us, deserve better than spin and half-truths. You deserve a U.S. Senator who will stand up for you, hold this administration's feet to the fire, and ask the tough questions to ensure that this country never again goes to war without knowing why.

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Beware the Ides of March

War across the entire Middle East will boil over by March 15th, if you don't stop it. Yes, you.

You, me, everybody.  It's crunch time.  There are enough pressure points to force the White House to act now to take America into a wider war.  They can't afford to wait for the summer or fall.  The mad men and women in the White House wholeheartedly believe that they have no choice but to launch a regional war in the Middle East by the middle of March, by bombing Iran.  They must, to save their mission to establish the American Empire.

If you have other plans for America than endless war, you need to help derail any attack on Iran in the coming six weeks, because the game's afoot.  It's got the green light.  Bush is going smiting again if we don't all stand up and say no.

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