A Hillary Critique

I've been somewhat busy lately, so I haven't been following the MyDD discussion much at all. In response to Chris's diary complaining about Hillary bashing I would like to offer my two primary reasons for not supporting or voting for Hillary in either the primary or the general election, if she wins the Democratic primary.

First, Hillary Clinton is either a Robust Liberal Hawk or a Stay The Course Democrat on Bush's Iraq war. I think it is legitimate to criticize the position of any and all Democratic Presidential contenders on Bush's war.

Second, I do not believe that the American people will elect a woman to be Commander-in-Chief during a time of war. Regardless of what the polls say now or at a later date, and in spite of a prime time television show, when push comes to shove the American people will not vote for a woman to be Commander-in-Chief during a war.

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Just In From Iraq

From soldiers Live Journal today:

      "Across the countryside I've been watching black flags go
       up, replacing or supplementing many of the green ones. For
       those interested in such things. It seems to be a pretty
       bold statement to me.
       Shoot straight. Drive on."

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The Failure To Understand Who And What Is The Enemy

It has taken me a while to write this diary, not so much because I didn't know what to say as much as I was unsure how others would take it. I am not by any means an expert in military affairs or foreign relations. I am merely an observer, and I would have to say that from early 1990s, I have been at first perplexed, and than incredulous of what has been going on in my government and in governments around the world. The following is an excerpt from a live journal of a soldier in Iraq.

posted 2/20/06...
"I started reading [omitted] LJ [Live Journal] because he recently came to Iraq and he's the husband of [omitted]. In his LJ he talks all about the so called "AIF" which really got me to thinking. I haven't seen the term AIF since Fort Stewart nearly a year ago. They never dropped that term at the NTC and I haven't seen it here, in Iraq. But it seems the Army still likes to use the term 'Anti Iraqi Forces' somewhere, because that guy certainly believes in it. And I'm not picking on him.
        I really don't understand the term AIF. I guess there are people here that would be 'AIF', but they are very few. Care to follow a list of my enemies?
Outright Enemies:
*  AIF = foreign insurgents that don't want to see an Iraq and hate America, true AIF
*  AIF = foreign insurgents from Syria or Saudi Arabia that support the secular Sunni a regime of Saddam Hussein.
*  AIF = foreign insurgents from Syria or Saudi Arabia that don't support the secular Saddam Hussein but are supportive of fundamentalist Wahibbism
*  AIF = foreign insurgents from Syria or Saudi Arabia that don't support the secular Saddam Hussein or fundamentalist Wahibbism, but hate Freedom
       Lets not forget that though we have either a truce or alliance that we have these enemies; I'll put 'AIF' on them for fun, but they're just as likely to be coalition forces:
*  AIF = so called 'Kurdish ethnic group' peoples wanting their own country
*  AIF = so called 'Kurdish ethnic group' peoples wanting their own place in the government
*  AIF = Shi'ite Militants that are local
*  AIF = Shi'ite Militants from Iran
*  AIF = Shi'ite Militants with "their own agenda"
*  AIF = Sunnis 'Arabs' for Iraq but not with America
*  AF = Sunnis that aren't 'Arab' for Iraq but not with America
      And of course the ones here in Iraq that don't play to outsiders, and also are my enemies:
*  AIF = Sunni Arabs native to Iraq
*  AIF = Sunni Arabs native to Iraq that hate the Shi'ites but want an free Iraq
*  AIF = Sunni Arabs that are Baathist and like Saddam Hussein
*  AIF = Sunni Arabs that are Baathist and don't like Saddam Hussein but like Syria
*  AIF = Sunni Arabs that are native to Iraq, don't like Shi'as
*  AIF = Sunni Arabs that are native to Iraq that don't like Shi'as and other Sunnis
*  AIF = Sunni Muslims that don't associate themselves as Arabs but associate with a group above
*  AIF = Sunni Muslims that don't associate themselves as Arabs OR a group above
The Sunni list goes on and on.
      Should I start with the Tribal list that could constitute 'AIF'?
     Perhaps it helps the simple, letterless Regular Army soldier. The E3 and E4 in the Army that is 20 years old and doesn't know shit about the world. Maybe that's what the AIF thing is all about. But really, I do hope that isn't getting to the Captains and Majors that run our S2s and S3s.
     It's President's Day. George Washington could have been king. He wasn't though. And because of that one man, Freedom and Democracy rule half the world today. Had he been a religious man perhaps it would be another Saint George, but he was a deist, and just another man. Today you should have been celebrating his birthday. If you didn't, you're wrong, but you still can fix it because I'm many hours ahead of you. Without George Washington, Freedom would be a misnomer. They came to George and said, "So do ya' want to be King?" And Georgie, the man on the Dollar, the man who had defeated Empire, he said, 'No. No, I didn't do this thing to be a king. I believed in Freedom, and Liberty. Our LAWS say that it is the People that lead Our Nation. Let them choose Another. I shall go home, to Virginia.'

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Greens Lead on City Votes for Troop Withdrawal, Impeachment

Greens Lead on City Votes for Troop Withdrawal, Impeachment


Friday, February 24, 2006

Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-518-5624, mclarty@greens.org
Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator, 916-995-3805, starlene@greens.org

With 33 Wisconsin city initiatives for US troop withdrawal on the ballot in 2006, Greens prepare for a fight with Republicans.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Green Party activists and elected Greens in Wisconsin and Oregon are leading efforts to pass resolutions against the continued occupation of Iraq at town and city levels.

In California, Greens have helped introduce municipal resolutions calling for impeachment of President Bush for various abuses of power, including his decision to launch the invasion of Iraq based on deceptive evidence.

OREGON: On Tuesday, February 21, the Corvallis City Council became the first city government in Oregon to adopt a resolution calling for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

The motion passed with a 7-2 vote, under the leadership of a coalition of local Greens and Democrats working towards a common goal. Members of the Oregon Pacific Green Party thanked Bart and Leah Bolger, two military veterans who led the effort on the Democrat side, and to Matt Donohue and George Grosch who coordinated the Green effort. The text of the strongly worded resolution has been placed at <http://www.ci.corvallis.or.us>.

WISCONSIN: 32 towns, villages and cities throughout Wisconsin will have a "Bring the Troops Home" question on the ballot on April 4. Milwaukee will be the 33rd to vote on a similar resolution in November, 2006.

Coalitions of Greens, Independents, Democrats, church groups, and peace and justice groups formed all over the state to collect the necessary petitions. Their efforts were coordinated by the Wisconsin Green Party and the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice. For a list of municipalities where voters will decide on the 'Bring Our Troops Home' question, as well as details and contact information, visit <http://www.wnpj.org/homenow>.

The Republican Party in Wisconsin has formed a PAC to fight the initiatives. Wisconsin Greens, concerned that there are fewer limits on campaign financing for such initiatives, are investigating whether federal tax money is being used for the prowar campaign.

CALIFORNIA: On February 7, the City of San Francisco, with leadership from Supervisor and Rules Committee chair Ross Mirkarimi (Green) and other members of the Board of Supervisors, began consideration of a resolution calling for a full investigation, and impeachment or resignation of President Bush and Vice President Cheney. On February 16, the Rules Committee recommended full board approval of a resolution from the Board of Supervisors calling for impeachment.

In January, the City Council of Arcata passed a resolution demanding the impeachment or resignation of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, citing violations of international and constitutional law. The Resolution was written and brought before the council by Council members Dave Meserve and Harmony Groves, both Green Party members.


Green Party of the United States
1700 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 404
Washington, DC 20009.
202-319-7191, 866-41GREEN
Fax 202-319-7193

Pacific Green Party of Oregon

Wisconsin Green Party
Wisconsin Bring the Troops Home campaign
http://www.wisconsingreenparty.org/iraqr eferendum

"Arcata City Council '2006 New Years Resolution' Demands Impeachment or Resignation of Bush and Cheney"
Press release, Green Party of California, January 9, 2006
http://www.gp.org/press/states/ca_2006_0 1_09.shtml
Green Party of California

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Oberstar Endorses Lourey for Governor

As this is my first diary, I do not know how to correctly place the following in a quote box. All text within quotes comes from duluthnewstribune.com; all text afterwards is completely original.

From duluthnewstribune.com:

"U.S. Rep. Jim Oberstar, D-Minn., endorsed state Sen. Becky Lourey today in her race for the Minnesota governor's office.
Lourey, of Kerrick, is in a five-way race to be the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party candidate to challenge Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty in November.
"Becky Lourey personifies personal integrity, commitment to service in the public interest, lives her beliefs, and has the energy and enthusiasm for success," Oberstar said in a prepared statement.
Oberstar made his endorsement during a press conference at the city library in Wyoming, Minn."

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