The Dick Cheney Magical Mystery Media Tour

Dick Cheney talking to the media? Did he again escape from his undisclosed location, or is he desperately trying to resurrect his shaken image? Walter Brasch has an idea . . .

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Reform U.S. Foreign Policy. Pass the Employee Free Choice Act.

Sometimes an opportunity for reform comes along that is "strategic" in that it changes the playing field for efforts to win other reforms in the future. The passage of the National Labor Relations Act - establishing the right of American workers to organize unions and bargain collectively - was a strategic reform. It increased the power of people previously excluded from power, and thereby reduced the power of corporate interests.

But the right of workers in America to organize has been steadily eroded by unpunished abuses by anti-union employers. Passage of the Employee Free Choice Act is easy to justify on the basis of guaranteeing the basic human rights of working Americans.  When the Employee Free Choice Act is signed into law, millions of private sector workers will have greater protection from having their rights violated.

What difference would that make? Ask Steve Arney. He used to be a reporter at the Bloomington Pantagraph, a newspaper in Illinois owned by Lee Enterprises.

A majority of employees at the Pantagraph signed cards to support forming a union with the St. Louis Newspaper Guild. Lee Enterprises responded with a campaign to defeat the effort by Pantagraph employees to form a union.

As part of Lee's anti-union campaign, Steve Arney lost his job.

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Some Iraqi Fraud May Yet Go Punished

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We all remember the no-bid contracts we were so opposed to under the last administration. Now, it has long appeared that all the crimes committed on all levels in this fiasco will go unpunished. Although we are still far from punishing the lies and propoganda unleashed on the American people to start this war, after a court ruling hopefully at least part of the rampant fraud that will cost Americans well over a trillion dollars will be punished.

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Heroes reconstructing the faces of US and Iraqi heroes

To date, over 30,000 US troops have been wounded while fighting in Iraq. Many of them involved traumatic injuries that demanded intense, highly specialized medical care. While US forces benefit from the skills of world-class trauma surgeons, the high-tech hospital equipment these medical professionals depend on in the US doesn't accompany them to the Iraqi battlefield.

There, the operating rooms, which have come a long way, resemble the long metal bins used to collect trash at construction sites but with the added benefits of a roof and lighting:

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Six Years Ago

Six years ago, the United States invaded Iraq on false pretenses.

I was in San Francisco on spring break at the time, hanging out with a close friend. We watched the coverage on TV during the day, then went out into the streets and followed the protests for hours, winding through the city's neighborhoods well into the night.

Where were you?

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