IOWA 2ND CD - We can nominate a candidate after all

Like a number of Kossacks I was less than wrapped to find out that our supposed candidate in IA 2 - Dave Loebsack had come up short on his filing signatures in 2 out of 8 counties.

And only a few signatures short too.

Below the fold for the obvious from the title good news....

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In Iowa? Help a Congressional Challenger.

Selden Spencer needs to get a bunch of signatures to get on the ballot in the 4th district of Iowa (currently held by Republican Tom Latham), and the filing deadline is only two weeks away.  Without him, we leave this seat unchallenged.  If you live in any of the following counties, please print out the third page of this form, fill it out (his county is Story), and collect some signatures.  You can mail completed forms to:

Spencer for Congress
823 Ashwood Dr.
Huxley, IA 50124

Those counties and the number of signatures needed are:

Allamakee - 69
Boone - 141
Calhoun - 45
Cerro Gerdo - 268
Chickasaw - 75
Dallas - 219
Emmet - 49
Floyd - 87
Franklin - 47
Greene - 50
Hamilton - 78
Hancock - 50
Hardin - 81
Howard - 53
Humboldt - 43
Kossuth - 83
Madison - 68
Marshall - 189
Mitchell - 56
Palo Alto - 50
Pocahontas - 37
Story - 466
Warren - 215
Webster - 192
Winnebago - 55
Winnishiek - 108
Worth - 46
Wright - 59

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Iowa Gubernatorial Race Update

It has been a busy week in the Iowa Governor's race.  Yesterday, the second place Republican candidate, Bob Vander Plaats, withdrew and endorsed U.S. Rep. Jim Nussle and became his running mate.  That echoed last week's events on the Democratic side, when Agriculture Secretary Patty Judge withdrew to become Chet Culver's running mate.

In other news, AFSCME, the state's largest union, endorsed Democrat Mike Blouin for Governor.  Also, the Iowa Democratic Party filed an ethics complaint against Nussle.

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My Interview with Governor Tom Vilsack

bumped - Matt

This afternoon, I interviewed Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack.  Since I'm a poor college student and blogger who doesn't have ads, I don't have a voice recorder to record the conversation to get better answers.  This is me paraphrasing and writing as closely to the governor's words as possible.  If there is a need for clarification or if you have any questions, drop a comment below or use the contact form on my blog.

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Iowa marriage equality anniversary thread

One year ago today, the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously ruled that our state's Defense of Marriage Act violated the equal protection provision of the Iowa Constitution. From the day that ruling went into effect through the end of 2009, at least 1,783 same-sex couples received marriage licenses in Iowa. The real number is probably higher, because about 900 marriage licenses did not specify the gender of the couple involved.

Follow me after the jump for a review of news about marriage equality in Iowa, stories featuring happy couples, and thoughts about the future politics of this issue.

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