"A general holds appeal for a nation weary of war"

Wes Clark was in Iowa over the weekend campaigning for local candidates.

David Yepsen of the Des Moines Register covered his visit, and had this to say:


The nation is bogged down in a war. There seems to be no way out. A president's job-approval rating tanks.

   Iraq, 2006? Yes. It's also Korea, 1952. And in 1952, a war-weary nation grew tired of its president and turned to a retired general to be the next chief executive - giving him the mission of getting the country out of the conflict.

   This presidential cycle, retired Gen. Wesley Clark is showing up in Iowa, hoping to repeat something of the same feat Dwight Eisenhower accomplished when he succeeded Harry Truman in 1952.



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A Wasted Drive: Why This Blogger Left The Iowa 2nd CD Convention

I did not leave the district convention simply because there was no internet available. As a blogger, I expect wifi, but I was going to adapt.I sat down and started a little pseudo liveblogging during the first major speech.

I left because after that speech I tried to track down WHY there was no internet at a 21st century congressional district convention, and Iowa Democratic Party Staff and the local arrangements folks acted like my expectation was unreasonable.

The local guy said "no one ASKED, so we didn't think it was that important." The state party staffer told me I was biased against non-metro counties hosting the convention.  (By "metro" in Iowa we mean something like Iowa City at 60,000 or Cedar Rapids at 100,000).

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Feingold Endorses Loebsack

Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold came to Iowa today to endorse David Loebsack for Iowa's 2nd Congressional District.  He spoke to a full house at the Cedar Rapids Science Station, and highlighted how he and Loebsack agree that Congress should censure President Bush for breaking the law by wiretapping Americans without a warrant.  They also agree that Congress should fix Medicare part D, amend the Patriot Act, and repeal No Child Left Behind.  Finally, they think that the US should have a plan to bring our troops home from Iraq.  He was introduced by Cedar Rapids mayor Kay Halloran.

Loebsack talked briefly about his childhood: his father died when he was young, and his mother had mental illness, so they lived with his grandmother.  Without government programs like the Social Security Survivor's benefit, he could have never gone to college.  He wants to preserve Social Security, raise the minimum wage, and extend health care to every American.  Loebsack teaches world affairs at a local college, and he said that US esteem has never been lower, and that we must restore America to a position of moral leadership in the world.  Finally, he pointed out that the incumbent, Jim Leach (R) just voted for the sham lobbying reform bill, and that he also voted to ease the ethics rules for Tom DeLay, and to increase the Federal debt ceiling.  Although he didn't mention it, David's stepson is a Marine Corps Captain, who has already been to Iraq - and he is serious about ending that war.

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Talking with Governor Mark Warner

I have to bump this. Chris is now a kingmaker. :) Matt

Just a little bit ago I got off the phone with former Governor of Virginia Mark Warner.  He called to introduce himself and just talk in general about some Democratic issues in general, where the Democratic party is going and what they can do for November, and what he'll be talking about tomorrow at Leonard Boswell's fundraiser, where he is the special guest.  Let me just say how thoroughly impressed I was with Governor Warner.  Like I said before, I've got no particular horse in 2008 yet (beyond Al Gore who has said he won't run).  Warner is largely believed to be a potential 2008 candidate and his Forward Together PAC is just one example of the desire to get his name out there and help other Democrats across the nation.

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IA-Gov: Iowa Campaign Ethics Board to Investigate Jim Nussle

Press release from the Iowa Democratic Party just out:

"The Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board voted today to investigate gubernatorial candidate Jim Nussle's campaign for potentially violating state campaign finance compliance laws.

"We applaud the Ethics Board's decision to investigate the campaign filings of Jim Nussle. The board has confirmed our belief that the Nussle campaign engaged in potentially unscrupulous financial activities that misled Iowans. Iowa's campaign finance reporting laws were established to shine a light on the financial activities of candidates for public office, and this investigation will do just that," said Iowa Democratic Party Executive Director Mike Milligan.

Last month, the Iowa Democratic Party filed a formal ethics complaint against the Nussle campaign with the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board. There are three areas of concern that warrant an investigation into ethics violations:

1. Mr. Nussle's state finance report fails to show any in-kind donations from the federal "Nussle for Congress Committee," while six individuals were simultaneously paid out of both accounts.

2. The development costs of Nussle's gubernatorial campaign website may have been paid for by the congressional campaign account, with no record of an in- kind donation to the gubernatorial campaign account.

3. Three congressional campaign expenditures, totaling $33,839.69 for media-production, were made to McCarthy Marcus Hennings in 2005. The official announcement tour of his bid for Governor was accompanied by a video. However, in the gubernatorial campaign state report there is no report of video or media production expenses to McCarthy Marcus Hennings until two months after his announcement."

You can find the full text of the original letter of complaint below the fold (my original post on the filing of the complaint is here).  I'm glad to see the IECDB is taking this seriously and has now moved to investigate Nussle.  This definitely isn't the type of the publicity the Nussle campaign's been looking for -- since, as Bacon notes, they've been relatively invisible the last month or so.

And I hope to hear Kyle's thoughts on the IECDB's decision to investigate -- he wasn't too optimistic when the IDP filed their original complaint, but maybe this means that the IECDB is serious about enforcing campaign finance laws and will be willing to push for or adopt changes (if, of course, they can get the legislature to issue the changes).

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