Women Wouldn't Have Named it the iPad

However, the lack of women in technology jobs is similarly striking. The San Jose Mercury News has been forceful in highlighting the issue. The newspaper conducted an analysis of ten of the Valley's largest companies. Their numbers are from 2005 but they still highlight a disturbing trend. In their analysis of these ten companies (including Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Cisco, eBay, and more), women made up just 33 percent of the workforce. This is even down from 1999, when women made up only 37 percent of all employees at these organizations.

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Earnings - who knew?

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With a slew of major companies reporting earnings so far, it's clear that expectations were severely skewed to the negative. Once again, Wall Street analysts overshot - this time to the downside. The substantial margin expansion reported by Intel; the higher-than-anticipated profitability of IBM; and the blow-out quarters of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan all stand in contrast to sentiment just a few weeks ago, which was grim and getting grimmer. So what happened?

First, the robust results of some of the banks so far is the result of trading revenue and changes in accounting rules rather than a sudden improvement in losses from bad loans. Still, income is income, and the more they generate, the easier it will be to absorb those losses from consumer, commercial and business loans that will continue to go sour for some time.

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A Science & Technology Focus Can Help Us Turn This Economy Around

Obama has been pretty good about appointing real science people to the appropriate cabinet positions... including Nobel Prize winners and leading technology oriented politicians and educators. This marks the incoming administration as quite different from the outgoing clod squad that put so much emphasis on Bush loyalty and born-again Christianity over real knowledge an accomplishment. Whether it was in the freezing of stem-cell research or reducing funding for space exploration, Bushies discouraged whole generations of students from going into science, while foreign competitors in Asia and Europe put their support behind research, development and manufacturing.

That's why when former Intel Chairman Andy Grove (still an Intel Board member, by the way) encouraged the chip developer to get into the Electric Car Battery business, ears picked up in the tech community.

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Intel's ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians

Residents of al-Faluja flee in 1949.

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