Halperin floating Sen. Lugar (R-IN) as surprise Obama VP pick

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This would definitely be a surprise and, if it happens (which I think is unlikely) would likely prod McCain into choosing Lieberman or a moderate Republican like Ridge who supports abortion rights.

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State of the Race: Indiana IS for Obama

This is the first in a three-part series on the state of the race in Indiana.  Part I will focus on the presidential race.  Part II will be about the congressional races in Indiana.  Part III will focus on the importance of local races in Indiana and how they can impact the next decade of elections and the future of our Congressional delegation.

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Bayh-bye election?

So it looks like it's Evan Bayh as Obama's running mate--unless this is the biggest bluff so far.

I'm not sold on Evan Bayh.  He just doesn't provide the zing Obama needs right now.  With that little US map icon turning yellow on Pollster.com, it's time to throw a big caution flag out there on Obama's campaign.

Why mention tire gauges?  Leave that to the Shell Answer man.  People don't like to preached at.  It totally undercut what was an excellent response to the McCain energy offensive.  I know Bayh is actually more progressive than people think, but he is dull.  And will he swing Indiana?  I doubt it right now.  Indiana hasn't been polled in nearly six weeks.  This election will come down to MI, CO, OH and VA.

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Expanding Our Base of Blue States

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The map of red and blue states has proven to be fairly static over several election cycles. But now comes word that Barack Obama wants to create some new blue spaces on the map of the 50 states. An Associated Press wire story explains why Obama is targeting each of the following seven states. I have embellished their report with some other local reports:

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McCain: Abandoning IN?

This seems to be a, dare I say it, PRESUMPTUOUS move.  While Obama plans to open 25-30 offices in Indiana, McCain plans to open ... not a single one.  According to the Indianapolis Star:

Jonathan Swain, a spokesman for Obama's campaign in Indiana, said plans are to have 25 to 30 campaign offices in the state.


McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, is taking a different approach to Indiana.

Some might call it confident; some might call it laid-back at best.

Asked whether the campaign has any plans to open an office in Indiana, campaign spokeswoman Leah Yoon -- who is based in Michigan, not Indiana -- had a one-word answer: "No."

http://www.indystar.com/apps/pbcs.dll/ar ticle?AID=/20080713/NEWS05/807130367/100 8/LOCAL19

Granted, Indiana is not traditionally in play for Democrats at the presidential level, but should McCain really be so confident about his chances there?  Were Obama to win Indiana, he would virtually be assured to win the presidency.

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