Obama Gaining In Rasmussen "Red" State Polls

Rasmussen Reports' afternoon state poll release is mostly good news for Barack Obama in states where, let's face it, he simply shouldn't be competitive, including Indiana and Montana, which RR switches from Lean McCain to Toss-up.

Indiana (700 LVs, 10/29, MOE +/- 4.5%):

McCain 49 (50)
Obama 46 (43)

North Carolina (700 LVs, 10/29, MOE +/- 4.5%):

Obama 50 (48)
McCain 48 (49)

Montana (500 LVs, 10/29, MOE +/- 4.5%):

McCain 50 (52)
Obama 46 (44)

The one bright spot for McCain in the whole batch:

Kentucky (700 LVs, 10/29, MOE +/- 4.5%):

McCain 55
Obama 43

Did someone say something about tightening?

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IN: McCain Campaign Buying Ad Time

When the Republicans first went up on the air in Indiana, it was the Republican National Committee that footed the bill. Now, Ben Smith is reporting that the McCain campaign itelf is putting money into ad time in Indiana.

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IN: Ellsworth Leading Rally for Obama

Polls or no polls, the best way to guage how a presidential campaign is going in a particular part of the state or country is to see how closely local Democrats associate themselves with the top of the ticket. In 1988, 2004 and 2004, many Democrats in conservative states and districts kept a good distance from the nominees, as well as our sitting president in 2000. If you were to tell me in any other year that a conservative Democratic congressman from the IN-08 was about to lead a rally for a liberal senator from Chicago running for president, I would have been shocked. But the Politico is reporting that Ellsworth, who is in good shape for re-election but not 100% there, will lead a rally for Obama in Evansville.

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McCain Sending Staff Into Indiana

I am sad to report that John McCain is no longer in a state of denial when it comes to the Ste of Indiana. According to the Indianapolis Star, he finally woke up to the real possibility that he could lose the Hoosier State.

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Indiana is tight but with your help Obama will win the state

As incredible as it sounds, the state of Indiana is in play for the Democrats. This is the same state that George W. Bush received 57% of the vote against Al Gore in 2000 and received nearly 60% of the vote against John Kerry in 2004. Indiana is in play for Barack Obama and the Democrats. The Barack Obama campaign is swarming the state with paid staff and volunteers that are registering voters, canvassing voters and preparing for the big day, Election Day, Tuesday November 4th.

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