How Do I Post Images on Diaries?

I've been a very regular poster at, and my diaries are very heavy on images and maps.

The problem is that ever since the update I've been unable to post this images; I've had to use links, which strongly dilutes the effect of the images. I've tried a lot of things: the normal route to insert images doesn't work, the copy-paste method doesn't work, the html method doesn't work whether it's via wordpress html or photobucket html, and the edit post + then add image method doesn't work. It's become quite frustrating, which is why I'm putting out this plea for help.

Sorry if this is the wrong place for asking these types of questions, but I don't know what else to do. Otherwise it appears I'll just have to post links, which I strongly would prefer not to.




The mainstream media is an essential component of the democratic process in America in that people's perceptions of events, candidtaes and issues is largely shaped by their coverage.  Over the years, media coverage of elections has devolved into a mixture of discussions of images, superficial probing of issues, or calling a horse race.

Since the Kennedy-Nixon debates, candidates have become increasingly aware of the impact of television coverage.  Nixon hired Madison avenue types to run his campaign which was transformed into one long commericial selling of a product.  For example the ads questioning John Kerry's medals received during the Vietnam war must have been written in the sewer.  Protraying Dukakis as a liberal and soft on crime was a egregious distortion of the truth. Issues almost seem to be incidental when unfortunate pronouncements of candidates are elevated to the level of critical issues.  Every candidate will make the occasional slip but to treat it as a major story is appealing to the lowest common denominator. Anchors and commentators love to analyze polls to death treating the election as a horse race.  Either the latest polls or how each candidate is faring in different States is a mugs game.  Instead of tryng to second-guess the voters, the media should be focusing on issues.  Ominously, discussing polls might even affect how voters will vote.

As long as the media is appealing to the baser instincts of their audience and insulting their intelligence, they should be offering an in-depth analysis of issues so that the voters have a choice.


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Demonizing Pelosi

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Joe Gandelman has a good and quite amusing piece in the Moderate Voice about concerted GOP efforts to do to Nancy Pelosi what the Clintonistas did to Newt Gingrich.

You can hear the music starting now. That menacing cadence. The numbing feeling that something could soon happen. A small move that you see in the corner of your eye that makes your blood run cold. And then it happens:

Nancy Pelosi could be Speaker of the House...

That's apparently the gist of a GOP effort right now to try and rally the party's faithful.

Before I even discuss this strategy, it is worth noting that no woman has ever held the position of Speaker of the House. For a woman to rise to the top of an organization of 435 politicians would be a greater accomplishment and a more difficult task than for a woman to simply win the two step process (primary and general elections) to become commander-in-chief. If Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker, it will be a moment to celebrate on those grounds alone.

And that gets me to the analysis.

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