New Study: You Won't Face Coercion if You Sign up for a Union

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If you sign up to join a union, you won't face coercion or intimidation from your co-workers--or employers. Despite dire warnings by corporations against the majority sign-up process, a new study shows majority sign-up (card-check) protects workers and gives them the chance they need to form a union. It's another critical point in favor of the Employee Free Choice Act, which would give workers across the country the choice about how to form a union and bargain for a better life.

The study, "Majority Authorizations and Union Organizing in the Public Sector: A Four-State Perspective," written by top labor policy scholars under the direction of Robert Bruno of the University of Illinois, looks at the experience of four states (New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Oregon) where public-sector workers have the freedom to form unions through majority sign-up. If passed, the Employee Free Choice Act would give millions of workers the option of using either majority sign-up or a National Labor Relations Board election to form a union.

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Progressive Democrat Issue 215

This week my attention was dominated by a long-expected fiasco with a local club I am involved with. Goes to show even Democrats can be seriously messed up. Then again, this same supposedly "reform" and "progressive" club previously endorsed two pretty shady charachers about a month ago. For my Brooklyn readers, the scoop on one of these shady politicians, David Yassky, can be found here.

If any of my readers out there want to help reform Democratic politics in NYC, I ask your help in supporting the following four candidates. If you can help, it would be GREATLY appreciated. All four have a tough battle against sleazy people to win the primary. Please read on and help if you can.

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100 Days Without Rod Blagojevich

100 Days of Reform

Because Rod Blagojevich is still looking for a post-political TV gig, the title of this blog post should probably be 100 days of reform and leadership under Governor Pat Quinn.

Following the attempted sale of Barack Obama's Senate seat and the subsequent removal of pay-to-play Rod, Illinois voters have had a taste of democracy under Pat Quinn.  You all weighed in on Blagojevich and you deserve an opportunity to weigh in on the Quinn reform agenda.

We have had more progress under Governor Pat Quinn than we did under both of his predecessors who are, or will be in jail.  We will use the space below to highlight Quinn's 108 days of success, make a case for keeping Governor Pat Quinn and encourage Speaker Madigan to get behind Quinn's reform agenda.

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Progressive Democrat Issue 214

This week I am almost exclusively focusing on local stuff. Doesn't mean there isn't lots going on (lots of torture related stuff, for example). Been working hard to elect some really good candidates in NYC (if you can help us with a small donation, PLEASE do...these people are the best!) so have been neglecting national issues.

On the other hand I have added some local stuff, including election updates for Pennsylvania and an announcement for the Florida Governor's race. Alex Sink is someone I supported for Florida CFO and at the time someone told me she was up and coming in Florida politics and to watch for her Senate or Governor run. Well, she is running for Governor and I think she'd be excellent for Florida.

I hope to get back to national issues soon.

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Progressive Democrat Issue 213

I have recently joined the co-op board of my building. It was a contested election, so I was a bit surprised to have gotten elected. But it is a tough position since many shareholders in the building are unhappy with how things have been run and are expecting new board members like me to make things better. Not sure I can do much better than the past board members, but I do think it is important to try. And that means I may have to cut back somewhat on the effort put into this newsletter. More on that below.

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