John Sullivan is the 'Ciro Rodriguez' of Illinois

I saw all the posts on Ciro Rodriguez -- here on MyDD for example -- about the "true blue" Democrat challenger, Ciro Rodriguez who's running against faux Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) in the primary.

It reminded me of the situation we have here in Illinois where Democratic Challenger John Sullivan is running in the primary against incumbent Daniel Lipinski (IL-03).

In many ways the situation here is far more outrageous than in Texas.

Basically Daniel Lipinski inherited the job from his father, former Congressman William Lipinski.  The Tribune explains the circumstances of his election this way:

"Dan Lipinski handily won his father's seat in November [2004] without having to face a primary opponent beforehand because the elder Lipinski left his own name on the March ballot and then waited until he was easily renominated to announce his retirement. Bowing to William Lipinski's wishes, party officials then handpicked his son to run in his place in the general election." Chicago Tribune (12/26/2004): p1.

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