Medicaid in the states - some good(ish) news

The Medicaid civil war in MA was settled (in principle) last Friday (much info at BlueMassGroup and Health Care for All (multiple pieces at each) - but other states are still grappling with the mandates in the Deficit Reduction Act. (Earlier piece by SouthernDem.)

The MA plan provisionally agreed within the lege includes a sort of alternative tax for employers who don't provide health insurance of $285 a year per uncovered employee. Chickenfeed, but sets a precedent, seems to be the verdict.

Meanwhile, there's an interesting idea from the WV lege for nursing home residents to use the Medicaid money being spent on them for care in their homes instead.

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Phonebanking for John Sullivan (IL-03)

We got a great group in Chicago to phonebank for John Sullivan, Democratic Candidate for Congress (IL-03).  (Thanks Betsy!)  People devoted their Tuesday evening to calling fellow Democratic Voters and telling them why John Sullivan is the best candidate for IL-03.  What was the response of the people we called?  Overwhelmingly positive!

We'll be heading down there every Sunday till the election.

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Canvassing & Phonebanking for John Sullivan (IL-03)

Just a preliminary heads up that we're organizing three days of canvassing for John Sullivan (IL-03) on the Southwest Side of Chicago.  This will be the first three Sundays of March (3/5, 3/12, 3/19).

We'll meet at the Diversey Brownline Stop at 9am, then head down to the Campaign Headquarters for a couple hours of knocking on doors.  If someone's got a car for carpooling so much the better, otherwise the CTA will work just fine.  You can also head directly down there as well.

Also, if you can get the day off, we're be working with the Sullivan Campaign on Primary Day (3/21).

For more information or to "sign up" for any of these days, go to:

Lastly, Betsy Schnotzer, our Co-host at Goose Island, is organizing a Phonebanking evening at her house on Lakeview Ave. near Diversey for Wed., 3/1, 7pm-9pm.  So if you can't make it to the Southwest side on the weekend, there's also something to do a bit further north.  For more info and to sign up, go to:

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Progressive Ideas in Action: Illinois Democrats

In 2006, The Republican Party will use their standard tactic of fear with a dose of `Democrats have no ideas' to rally support for there corrupt and conservative majorities in Congress.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., says that Republicans will fight the 2006 campaign by combining 2002-style attacks on Democrats as "weak on security," 2004-ish attacks on "obstructionism" and a new line of argument that "Democrats have no ideas."
To counter this talking points Democrat do not need Frank Luntz to make old ideas sound popular and new. They can turn to the states where progressive ideas are becoming legislation to better improved people lives. The first state they can turn too is Illinois. Nathan Newman has the impressive run down of what a Democratic Governor and Democratic controlled Congress can do.

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You're Not so Vague

There are many differences between politicians. For many American citizens voting this year, the differences between Democrats and Republicans are extremely vague. Some voters see unequivical differences.

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