IRS Brings New Focus to Auditing the Rich

Obama, Thief Executive of WallStreet oligarchs and ass-licker in chief to the uber-rich oppressors, has a plan to obfuscate his complete enslavement to the neo-liberal Capitalist thugs with whom he plots the demise of all that is holy and good.
 Read about his latest tricky and nefarious plot, hidden beneath a veil of deceptive misogynistic reversely racist arrogant Norwegian gause:

WAPO (The Paper FOX) 10/27/2009

WASHINGTON -- A new Internal Revenue Service enforcement unit targeting the very wealthy will help the tax agency decode partnerships, offshore trusts and other complex techniques used to hide income, IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman said Monday.

Dubbed the Global High Wealth Industry group, the unit will launch "a small number" of audits of individuals with assets or income in the tens of millions of dollars, Mr. Shulman told an accountants' trade group. An IRS official said the group would begin work on these initial audits in the next month.

The high-wealth group, housed in the IRS's large- and medium-sized business division, marks a sharpening of the IRS approach to auditing the very wealthy. Its creation is a response to the complex web of entities and transactions many high-net-worth individuals use to manage their financial affairs.

"You cannot assess compliance among the nation's wealthiest individuals by looking only at their 1040s [tax returns]," Mr. Shulman said. "Our goal is to better understand the entire economic picture of the enterprise controlled by the wealthy individual and to assess the tax compliance of that overall enterprise."

Don't be fooled!

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Some of the News
That may be True


In another effort to institute change in Washington, President-elect Barack Obama has nominated disgraced financier Bernard Madoff to head the Internal Revenue Service. Facing criticism for naming a person of such shady character, Obama maintained that this is an example of the type of out-of-the-box thinking needed to counteract the business as usual thinking in Washington.

The President-elect noted that, throughout his campaign, he has
stated his intent to tone down partisanship and that it is not necessary that every one in his administration be in agreement on each and every issue. Just as his campaign broke new fund raising ground, Mr Madoff has developed new and successful methods of obtaining funds.

Mr Obama added that in these trying times, when the government needs additional revenues, it is crucial that the IRS, the nation's revenue producing agency, be led by someone with a proven record in the art of raising cash.


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Lies Lou Dobbs Told Me: Illegal immigrants don't pay taxes!

Since it's Tax day, i thought it was a good time to get away from the horserace and back to issues. And combatting the lies that Haters like Lou Dobbs tell is one of the most important issues to me. Of course Dobbs isn't the only one out there fighting to make the lives of some of our most vulnerable brothers and sisters even worse, he's just the poster boy.

One of the most easily seen-through lies of the Haters is the bullshit notion that "illegal immigrants don't pay taxes!" that is freaking ridiculous. obviously, they pay sales taxes on each and every taxable item they buy. but another huge problem with that lie is in the area of social security and payroll taxes. Illegal immigrants pay into these funds, but rarely recieve anything back for their contribution.

of course many of us know that one day, at present rates, the Social Security Fund will run out. But did you know that if we stopped illegal immigration, the fund will would run out sooner? it's a fact. so, yes, you got it right, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS SAVING SOCIAL SECURITY! tell that to next bastard like Lou Dobbs when they start spouting their nazi propagnada about illegal immigrants breaking our bank.

Below the fold is an excellent article detailing the social security tax situation, and how illegal immigrants are paying in, but not taking out. don't miss the comments: not a single immigration Hater that chimes in with Immigrant Hate EVER addresses what the article says, they just keep right on bashing, facts be damned! line/biz/5695140.html

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How much taxation is too much?

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First of Many Defeats against the IRS

Attorney Tom Cryer has defeated the IRS and wants everyone to hear his message that you do not have to live in fear. These defeats are becoming more common as America's citizens are getting smarter. Smart citizens means smart jurors.

Tom's victory, however, is not a reason to stop paying taxes. People are not that awake yet. A case in point is the New Hampshire five month standoff with Ed and Elaine Brown. They were found guilty of tax evasion (fought and lost) and are now serving several years in prison. See their story blog:

Knowing how to defend yourself is vital in any challenge. Keep in mind that Tom is an attorney and an expert on the U.S. Constitution and associated tax laws. He risked his freedom and his property for our and his quest to prove the IRS lies and deceit. You the unskilled, evader would probably not stand a chance in the current "kangaroo" court system that routinely ignores the Supreme court decisions.

Watch the video and learn that there is hope for any of you that are already in trouble. Also be very suspicious of the advertisements on T.V. that advertise erasing IRS debt. I know of several people who got burned using them. Do your research well if you go that route. Look up on the Internet the reputation of the firm, and get at least three well searched references that you can contact. Enjoy the message from Tom. JQ

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