Andre Carson wins IN CD-7 special election

Shari'a alert! The number of muslims in Congress has now doubled:

Democrat Andre Carson defeated his Republican rival tonight by a wide margin in a special election to replace his grandmother in representing the 7th Congressional District.
He called the win an "extremely humbling experience" and said his message of protecting Social Security, bringing U.S. troops home from Iraq and fighting for jobs and health care had resonated with the voters of the 7th District.
Carson will be the first Muslim to ever represent Indiana in Congress -- and only the second Muslim nationwide in Congress.

Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama congratulated Carson on "winning a hard-fought race."

Carson's tenure is likely to be somewhat short as the regularly scheduled primary takes place in two months, and he faces 7 challengers. Still, his win is noteworthy in its own right.

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Please God, what I hope is the final look at the Noodle, I mean NAFTA incident.

Here it is, from the CBC itself.  No conjecture, no speculation, no wishful thinking, no hating on either candidate, no strategery.  Read it for yourself and comment. /macdonald/20080310.html

For those too lazy to do so, I've summarized the article below.

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2007 Elections Presage Potential Problems in 2008

Mostly, Tuesday's state and local elections fell within the bounds of what observers might call "free and fair". However, there were enough rough spots to call attention to the fact that 2008, like 2004 and 2000, is likely to see a range of rules, laws, and tactics that will serve as barriers to participation.

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OBAMA + Pakistan's Democracy / Extremism? - Statement - Senate Committee Foreign Relations 7-25-07

The full statement on Pakistan is listed here from the july 25th 2007 hearing at the senate foreign relations committee = /post/danielleclarke/CpFC

I belive Barack has not just reacted to Hillarys statement at the last YOUTUBE DEBATE but he is using what he has learned to help let the people of Pakistan understand that he is a potential candidate who will take action and it can be good and it can be bad depending on their actions in the upcoming elections.

Now this was not what many expected to hear from Barack. Especially after coming out on top after the Clinton/Obama fued.

To me it tells me Barack has decided that letting the Pakistan people know what is going on and by making it public
(which to many may have hurt Barack in the primaries)
 that the future president is willing to help with 5 billion dollars in aid to that region. This is important because they do need funding for stability. Barack knows that much has been lost due to all the funds going to the war in Iraq. This i am sure hurts Barack. He knows Bush had a chance at doing great things in afghanistan and Pakistan but that was detored with the Iraq war.

I know, this was a shock to me, a supporter, to see his statements about invading Pakistan, but now that i have read the "full report", i am proud of Barack, for doing whats right, versus just trying to win an election.

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