Robin Hayes Wants To Know What To Do About Illegal Immigrants

Just received an email from Robin Hayes asking what should be done about the illegal immigration "problem".  

(Robin, this "problem" has been around for a while, not just during election years!)

In the first part of the email (which I suspect came through the RNC), Hayes tells about the "scary" problem of illegals being caught at Ft. Bragg...

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Hazleton, PA: "The First Nazi City in the Country"? Hardly

    Last night to a packed chamber, Hazleton City Council passed the Illegal Immigration Relief Act by a 4-1 vote, over the objections of some Hispanic community leaders, one of whom said to council:   "If you pass this, you will go down in history as the council that made Hazleton the first Nazi city in the country."

    The package, proposed last month by Hazleton mayor Louis Barletta (R), will revoke business permits for five years for companies (and their parents and subsidiaries) who hire or "aid and abet" illegal immigrants, fine landlords who knowingly rent to illegal aliens, and makes English the official language of the city of Hazleton, except for forms mandated by federal and state laws to be printed bilingually (assistance would be given to help non-English speakers complete the forms).

    The mayor's program has attracted national media attention, with Barletta appearing on Lou Dobbs, The O'Reilly Factor, broadcast evening news, and multiple local television and radio shows from around the country.  The attention culminated in Barletta testifying alongside New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R) before Senate Judiciary Committee members Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) and Ted Kennedy (D-MA) in Philadelphia.

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Blacks v illegal immigrants on jobs issue

The story is reported by the NNPA, the agency of the National Newspaper Publishers Association - the black newspapers organization, so I'm inclined to believe it.

The lede:

As the Black community debates whether Hispanic immigrant workers create competition for jobs with low-income African-Americans, the president of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists says too little attention is being paid to educated immigrants taking high-tech jobs away from middle- and upper-class African-Americans.

The pull-quote:
"That is much more of a threat to us than picking lettuce," said William Lucy, president and founder of the labor group.

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Immigration. Walls at The Borders. Barriers or Buttresses? ©

On occasion, I am fortunate; I find that an essayist heard on National Public Radio has written a commentary and published the text for all to read.  Thus far, I have yet to locate the transcript for "'Good Fences': Misreading Poetry," an essay I heard this evening on All Things Considered. However, I will keep searching.  Until then, I am offering a link to the story so you might listen to the author himself.  

Jay Keyser, Professor of Linguistics at MIT is baffled and distressed by the use of a Robert Frost verse in defense of building walls between borders.  He speaks of how the oft quoted poem, "Mending Wall" is misunderstood, if analyzed at all.

The poem closes with the line we all recall "Good fences make good neighbours." When people speak of immigration, or more accurately segregation, they use this declaration to justify their stance.

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Illegal Immigration: Does it deserve blanket support?

I am a child of legal Indian immigrants and was born here. A lot of my relatives are first generation immigrants in this country. I know of quite a few who have had trouble getting immigration into the U.S. despite being self sufficient and a lot of reasons to return to India. I have even been asked to pretend to marry the prospective bride of one of my cousin's cousin(it's an indian thing to even track relatives this distant) so that she would get legal immigration into the U.S. I didnt go through it for several reasons - the ickiness of it despite the fact that I am no great romantic, and the lack of ethics involved in such a decision. If I said yes, and you support illegal immigration, would you also accept what did? If not, why not? Illegal immigrants go through a lot of humiliating things to get here. Is illegal immigration just a form of vigilante immigration for those who feel they were denied fair opportunity at making a decent living in life? While illegal immigrants should definitely be considered for staying on a permanent basis here, should we automatically give them all the benefits enjoyed by people who came to this country legally?

I want to address several issues regarding Illegal Immigration that have come up

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