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A Proposal for the Democratic Party on Illegal Immigration

There is a clear and present danger that the Republican Party will exploit illegal immigration in the 2008 Presidential election in the same way that they were able to ride the gay marriage issue to victory in 2004. Democrats are generally avoiding the issue, but when pressed, each of them professes support for "comprehensive immigration reform" that would combine stepped-up border security and workplace enforcement with an earned legalization program. For evidence that this response is unsatisfactory, one need look no further than the unprecedented public outcry that twice killed the exact same proposal in Congress. Even worse, the opposition was directed most specifically at the part of the proposal most closely associated with the Democrats - legalization.

The reality that Democrats seem unable to face is that any effort to normalize the status of illegal immigrants will alienate a huge portion of the electorate. Witness the fates of Gray Davis and Elliot Spitzer, both Democratic governors of deeply blue states, in the wake of their respective attempts to grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. Hillary Clinton's campaign was headed toward the safe shores of inevitability until her equivocating response to the driver's license issue opened a floodgate of criticism. Still smarting at the next debate two weeks later, she delivered a very UN-equivocal one-word response to the same question - "No" - and watched Barack Obama fall into the exact same trap. Given that these stumbles occurred in Democratic debates where none of the candidates is seeking to distinguish themselves on this issue, we can only imagine the pounding the Democratic nominee will take when faced with a Republican nominee like Rudolph Giuliani, who promises "tough" action on illegal immigration.

So the Democrats appear caught once again between deeply held majority opinion and one of their core constituencies - this time Latinos. But all is not lost. I think that buried in the noise around this issue is a simple, elegant solution that a Democrat can wholeheartedly embrace. My suggestion proceeds from the very legitimate, universally accepted rationale behind comprehensive immigration reform: our legal immigration system is broken. Democrats are correct in advocating for a "fix" to this dysfunction. As mentioned above, however, normalizing the status of illegal immigrants currently in the country is not a viable solution. At the same time, Democrats are unwilling to advocate an "enforcement-only" approach.

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When Immigrants Kill

Politically of course...All right, so I'm playing devil's advocate here. All I ask is that you hear me out. I'm going to use my own experience to explain why I think the common American is so far out in the extreme on the issue of immigration and why I think it will kill the left.

I have consistently argued in the past on this blog that Immigration is the one political issue that can yank the floor from beneath the Democratic Party without it even knowing. I'd like to take the time to explain why I think the psyche of America has become so anti-immigrant by using my own experiences.

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Illegal Immigration Spurs Constitutional Amendment

Among the millions of Americans frustrated with the refusal by the federal government to forcefully control illegal immigration is South Carolina Senator Glenn McConnell.  As President Pro Tempore of the Senate McConnell has explained why he is calling for the nation's first use of the US Constitution's Article V provision for a convention of state delegates to propose constitutional amendments.

"While this action is unprecedented, I also believe that the danger facing our country is unprecedented.  We need to act now.  ...Congress has refused or is incapable of acting, thereby leaving the states in the position of burning while Congress fiddles.  ...the problem of illegal immigration is one that has reached a boiling point," said McConnell, a Charleston Republican.

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David Podvin: LABOR DAY


By David Podvin

Another Labor Day has arrived, making it the perfect time to examine how American workers are victimized by those who pledge friendship. Conservatives never betray laborers, if only because it is impossible to betray people you openly despise. It is progressives who seduce the working class with false promises of fidelity.

In recent decades, American workers have seen their wages steadily lose ground to inflation while the monied elite have prospered.


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