BORDER FENCE [updated]

So heres my post on the BORDER FENCE, [cue dramatic music.] So because of the escalating violence happening all along the border of the US/MEXICO border, and because of the debate on the Border Fence being waged by Bush's  Homeland Security, there has been a greater emphasis in my town about the fence being built as we speak.

I have always been against the fence. But after reading and looking at some pictures, my stance is no longer as strong as I thought it was.  I think most progressives have been against the fence being built but after seeing some pictures and video maybe your view will be changed a little too.  I have always thought the fence was so `un-American'  because it symbolized oppression and division; after all in the 80's we fought hard to tear down walls in other countries and I thought it was so hypocritical of us to want to build one right in our own backyard.

Why would I change my mind?

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the WALL!!

Alright so most of the diaries aren't to my liking today, so I decided to write my own.  I'd like to address some of the huge concerns that all border towns and maybe a town near you might be facing.

Lawmakers are determined to halt illegal immigration, and I would support some kind of reasonable and responsible type of reform that is humane and fosters good relationships between Mexico and the US but the fact is there hasn't been any suggested.

I fear, the Republican Party is damaging race relationships, cultural ties, and harmony that border-towns and other communities have tried so hard to foster....

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LA-06: Meet Don Cazayoux

Another exciting opportunity to add to our majority before November. The LA-06 special general election is on May 3 - Todd

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The Cazayoux campaign released this web-only video about the race:

Don's candidacy has sparked a fire amongst the unions here in LA-06. While they've worked with political candidates before, I've never seen them this excited about a candidate. If you like the idea of adding to the Democratic majority in the House with someone who will be there with us on the economic issues we all care about, then donate.

I also had the opportunity to interview Don, using questions from commenters here at Daily Kos, MyDD, and Daily Kingfish. The interview is below the jump!

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OH-16: State Senator John Boccieri(D): Fix the illegal immigration problem in Ohio

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I just received a press release from Ian Walton, Sen. John "Bo" Boccieri's Campaign Manager. It was odd timing, because I was just getting ready to e-mail Ian. He had asked me to commit to being their "resident blogger" last night, so, here we are!

Ian Walton reports:

Today, State Senator John Boccieri(D), Candidate in Ohio's 16th Congressional district offered an amendment on the Senate floor addressing the illegal immigration problem in Ohio. The amendment was adopted unanimously and has become a part of SB 260 - Immigrations Violations Bill. Here is his statement:

Finally, a man that will implement a bold solution. "Bo's" Statement after the turn!

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Lies Lou Dobbs Told Me: Illegal immigrants don't pay taxes!

Since it's Tax day, i thought it was a good time to get away from the horserace and back to issues. And combatting the lies that Haters like Lou Dobbs tell is one of the most important issues to me. Of course Dobbs isn't the only one out there fighting to make the lives of some of our most vulnerable brothers and sisters even worse, he's just the poster boy.

One of the most easily seen-through lies of the Haters is the bullshit notion that "illegal immigrants don't pay taxes!" that is freaking ridiculous. obviously, they pay sales taxes on each and every taxable item they buy. but another huge problem with that lie is in the area of social security and payroll taxes. Illegal immigrants pay into these funds, but rarely recieve anything back for their contribution.

of course many of us know that one day, at present rates, the Social Security Fund will run out. But did you know that if we stopped illegal immigration, the fund will would run out sooner? it's a fact. so, yes, you got it right, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS SAVING SOCIAL SECURITY! tell that to next bastard like Lou Dobbs when they start spouting their nazi propagnada about illegal immigrants breaking our bank.

Below the fold is an excellent article detailing the social security tax situation, and how illegal immigrants are paying in, but not taking out. don't miss the comments: not a single immigration Hater that chimes in with Immigrant Hate EVER addresses what the article says, they just keep right on bashing, facts be damned! line/biz/5695140.html

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