The Elephants Are Forgetting...

we've talked a lot about the changing electorate in IL 6 at soapblox/chicago over the past year.  one of the aspects that we've discussed has been the fact that people from the city where moving into the district and taking their democratic voting habits with them.  for anyone who's canvassed in the 6th, at least before the primary, you could tell the difference between these new residents and the long-time democratic residents who were their neighbors.  the new democrats assumed that there were others like them, and sort of expected to be contacted by democratic campaigns, while the old dems were likely to tell you that you wouldn't find another democrat on their block.  plus, the old democrats were grateful to be contacted; the new dems not so much.

another aspect of this changing dynamic could be found this week in this (pdf) release.  the chicago sun-times sums it up this way:

The number of foreign-born U.S. citizens jumped by nearly 38 percent in the suburbs over the last five years -- leaping almost 50 percent in DuPage County alone.

but these always seemed incomplete explanations to me.  today, we get word that party identification among republicans is down, again.  

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Midwest Races in the Thick of IT!

you know what IT is, right?

IT is taking back the house, a goal shared across the netroots, including here in illinois.  smart observers realize that changes in the house's partisan complexion will be clustered, with a few states having a dramatic impact on this outcome, and others having virtually none.

the midwest holds two of those clusters, ohio and indiana.  both these states have internal trends favoring democrats that sit on top of the national trend moving away from republicans.  iow, a wave on top of a wave.  any surfer will tell you, that's the one to catch!

some of the things i'd like to see democrats emulate from republicans (gasp!) are: WORK SMARTER, not harder; and CONCENTRATE your resources.  on the net, we call that a swarm (used to, anyway).  here's where to swarm!

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