Breaking: Obama gets Ultimate Endorsement - from God!

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Yes, it's official. After months being courted by many candidates, on the eve of the republican convention, the Supreme Being has finally sent his own message of endorsement for Barack Obama as President.

Gustav Aug 31

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Hurricane Gustav May Cause McCain To Turn Convention Into A "Service Event"

Many have speculated that Hurricane Gustav may cause Bush to cancel his speech on Monday in St. Paul, or that it may even cause John McCain to postpone the convention altogether. But just now on CNN Dana Bash said that the McCain campaign, concerned about having a celebratory event as Hurricaine Gustav hits land, may turn the convention into a "service event." I'm not sure what that means exactly, but it's an interesting thought. It implies to me that they've ruled out postponing the convention, that instead, they'll change its focus if the destruction wrought by Gustav coincides with the convention. It also tells me that the McCain campaign is very sensitive to any association with George Bush's (mis-)management of Hurricane Katrina, as it should be. You'll recall where John McCain was three years ago yesterday just as Hurricane Katrina hit land:

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Gustav & McCain

On June 12, John McCain called for an investigation into oil speculation, apparently due more to his total lack of understanding of commodity markets than to any actual indignation.  This is what he said:

I believe there needs to be a thorough and complete investigation of
speculators to find out whether speculation has been going on and, if
so, how much it has affected the price of a barrel of oil.

Investigate speculators to find out if there's speculation going on?  Next, we can go to the gas station and see if they're selling gas.

Now, usually when a politician calls for an investigation, that means they don't actually want to do anything about a problem, and hope by putting it off they can avoid dealing with it all together.

But don't worry Mr. McCain, the results are in- no need for that investigation!

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