Is Hillary just another Dick?

Yesterday's Huffington Post featured a post by Arianna reviewing Carl Bernstein's new biography on Hillary: A Woman in Charge. Arianna starts by comparing the supposed "operating in the shadows" of Hillary to the very dangerous secrecy of Dick Cheney. A comparison that is completely absurd!

Bernstein writes: "Hillary Rodham Clinton has always had a difficult relationship with the truth." We learn that Hillary refused to admit (for 30 years) that she failed her first attempt at the bar exam. Oh my! And this is important why? Haven't any of you done something you weren't exactly proud of and willing to tell the whole world about? And if indeed she was such a failure, why did she serve as a staff attorney for the Children's Defense Fund and also on the House Congressional Impeachment Inquiry staff in 1974. I guess maybe the next time she took the bar exam she aced it.

And what is it with a rehash of the Whitewater nonsense. Hillary and Bill had every right not to cooperate with the non-stop republican witch hunt. And after all the years and all the investigations they found exactly no laws broken. Not a frickin single one. Arianna Huffington should know something about the constant barrage of hate attacks rained on Hillary during the first Clinton presidency because she issued them. So please, when you read her commentary, take care to note the source. We are not hearing from a non-biased source. We are hearing from a person that brought her hate for Hillary with her when she switched sides.

Arianna also finds it important to include Bernstein's quote from George Stephanopoulos, a person that undoubtedly has nothing but warm fuzzies for the Clintons. A real champion of the left. Yeah, right.

And finally Arianna would have us believe that there is something sinister in "the way she glossed over in her memoir her summer internship at the law firm of Treuhaft, Walker, and Burnstein -- one of the most renowned left-wing law firms in the nation." Oh my! Damn, you mean she is a liberal after all and that is something we should be afraid of.

The only ones that have anything to fear are the Republicans. Well, and maybe Arianna Huffington.

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Are the Democrats trying to hide their votes?

David Sirota writes that the democrats are becoming Dick Cheney democrats. He goes on to say that the democrats are trying to hide their vote on the Iraq supplemental.  

"Today is the day House Democrats are expected to vote on Iraq - except, news out of Washington this morning says the leadership has come up with a nifty little trick to try to prevent the public from seeing who voted for giving Bush a blank check, and who voted against it. If you thought Democrats were behaving like cowards by caving into a President at a three-decade low in presidential polling and giving him the very blank check they explicitly promised not to give him during the 2006 election, you ain't seen nothing yet. We are watching the rise of the Dick Cheney Democrats - that is, the rise of Democrats who endorse governing in secret and hiding the public's business from the public itself." ta/the-rise-of-the-dick-chen_b_49207.htm l

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